Cathedral na Sokubaku

Author: Yurino Nao
Illustrator: Sara
Format: Novel, Blcd

After realizing that there is neither Cathedral nor plot in this series, I was ready to listen to this CD only for the cast. Then, to my surprise, the sequel is much more enjoyable than the first CD!! In the end of the previous CD, Kaito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) and Ricardo (CV: Narita Ken) became lovers :!:. However, it was too soon for their honeymoon because one day, Kaito accidentally fell down the stairs. A young boy helped him but incurred injuries that resulted in a loss of memory. Since there was not enough hospital beds in Spain (could that be worse than our wonderful NHS 🙄 ), the poor boy had no where to go as he forgot who he was. Since Kaito felt guilty because the boy lost memory while trying to help him, he actually offered the boy to stay with him. Ricardo was PISSED because Kaito refused to move in with him but allowed a boy to stay in his apartment and to sleep in his bed :angry:. Kaito did not want to move in with Ricardo because he still had some unrest psychologically. He was straight to begin with and he was also afraid of completely losing himself while drowning in love. As a result, he went ahead despite Ricardo’s opposition and let the boy stay in his apartment. Then, the group decided to go on a trip because the boy seemed to recall at least the place where he was heading before the accident. When the group arrived at the hotel, the pheromone Ruis (CV: Takeuchi Ken) immediately started flirting with an ex- of his and making Ogata Takashi (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki) very jealous. However, through his flirting, he managed to gather information that the boy Ei (CV: Hagi Michihiko) was really the descendant of a very rich French family in Paris. At the moment, he came to Spain and went missing. When Ruis went to tell Kaito about Ei, Kaito went missing too, along with Ei. Actually, while searching for Kaito, Ei’s servant knocked Kaito out and kidnapped him. The truth was that Ei was actually a thief who would use whatever means to get what he wanted. He would steal renowned artwork from galleries just for the chill and excitement. When he met Kaito, he wanted Kaito and so he decided to pretend he lost memory and got close to Kaito. However, it seemed there was something he could not steal – Kaito’s heart as it already belonged to Ricardo. In the end, they found the villa where Ei imprisoned Kaito and of course Happy End.

Where is the BGM !? Am I spoilt by Intercommunications and Cyberphase?? Normally, there’s BGM in BLCDs and I do enjoy these BGMs.  However, I notice there is NO BGM for a few tracks in this CD.  Only in the end when the tempo rose as Kaito was kidnapped, some weird BGM emerged.  LadyBug … the BUG in the BLCD industry (sorry if you are a staff member from LadyBug but I’m really pissed when such low quality CD can be sold and for a rather high price too).  Having said that though, the lack of BGM meant it’s easier to appreciate the voices of the seiyuu to the MAXIMUM.  The plot certainly improved over from the last time … because I really like phantom thieves ^^;;  However, the main selling point is still THE CAST.

As usual, Kaito worked VERY HARD (dies) but it’s nice because I’m already prepared for it.  Actually, the lack of BGM once again shows the beauty of the Japanese language through the monologues.  Probably after French and British English, I like Japanese the best.  It’s a pretty flat language (unlike Chinese which is tonal) but it’s beautiful in its way.  Back to Kaito.  It’s almost the STANDARD that the sequel is when the uke worries and worries and worries about the direction the relationship is heading ^^;; And also following the standard, the problem is solved with the emergence of a rival.  When I come to think of how fixed the pattern is, I can’t help but think Sono Yubi Dake series is quite innovative in that the third comer is NOT a rival but a friend of the uke.  That reminded me of “Disclosure”  featuring Demi Moore as the boss and Michael Douglas as the subordinate, who both got tricked by “a friend”.  Again, I’m otally off track.  So I’ll just sum up in one sentence: “Rather than cute uke, Hirakawa is WAY BETTER OFF as brotherly or motherly figure vv”.  I think I was secretly cheering for Ei x Kaito than Ricardo x Kaito.

When Narita san is not in his hentai mode, he’s just a gentleman and I’m not too interested in middle aged gentleman (explodes).  As usual, I ignore Ricardo because he’s TOO TYPICAL – successful, good looking, and with a pheromone voice.  I guess Narita-san fits the image of Ricardo and can I hear him speak french some time? (laughs).  One thing I would like to mention though, when Ricardo asked why Kaito would allow Ei to live in his apartment but not live with Ricardo, that scene was nice.  I quite liked it.

Just like in the previous CD, Ruis TOTALLY ROBBED MY HEART! OMG, with that voice, why is he not a megahit in the seiyuu industry??? (I actually half figure out from the freetalk though ^^;;).  Anyway, I just want to say Ruis is supposed to be a Queen-like character but Takeuchi Ken’s voice is not QUEEN-QUEEN as Kamiyan.  Instead, he’s SOFT-SEDUCING-QUEEN and I’d say closer to Ishida Akira’s type.  I’m looking forward to his cooperation with MoriMori in next month.  Who knows, maybe a new ROYAL PAIRING will be born, just like MoriIshi and MoriSaku.  Oh, back to Ruis in the story… this boy is obviously flirting to hide his own emotions because I deduce (from the taxi scene) he’s already attracted to Ogata to a certain extent.  It’s just that he’s now still tsun tsun.  I can’t wait to see him dere dere ^o^.

I want to say Ogata’s CUTE even though he’s voice is MILES away from CUTE ^^;;  I dunno but the personality of the two seme are really cute.  When Kaito was occupied with Ei on the plane, Ricardo was jealous and Ogata seemed to want to laugh at Ricardo.  When HIS Ruis started flirting with his ex though, he got jealous and REPEATED THE EXACT SAME WORDS as Ricardo! That’s why it’s not good to laugh at others!

Wow, Ei’s COOL *O*!! A cute and beautiful outer appearance certainly helps to mask his devilish personality ^0^.  I’m actually quite impressed by the fact that his servant cooperated with him in the kidnapping incident.  It’s a bit sad as I LOVE DEVILISH TOSHISHITA SEME ^^;; Voice wise, Hagi (sorry I have no clue who he is) is quite nice and I wonder if he’ll continue participating in BL??

I actually enjoyed this CD even though the story and BGM are disastrous.  I guess Takeuchi Ken is the reason why I will continue getting this series even though I don’t have high expectations from LadyBug.  Takeuchi, move to better producers please!!!


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