Abereru Inu

Author: Sakura Haiji
Format: Manga, Blcd

Yuuji (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) is a tailor for expensive suits. When he was still in high school, he met Takatoshi (CV: Koyasu Takehito), who was then a cute cute child (CV: Miyata Kouki) [my guess ^_^;;]. Yuuji used to take care of Takatoshi, who was 5 years younger and they grew up together. However, when they became adults, Takatoshi outgrew Yuuji in terms of height. Although all grown up on the outside, Takatoshi (now 22) is still a kid inside when he’s with Yuuji and will stick around him. Yuuji is already used to Takatoshi being around but is that love? That doubt leaves Yuuji rather cold to Takatoshi. One day, Yuuji got ill and Takatoshi came over to look after him. Takatoshi then heard Yuuji calling “Youichi”. At first Yuuji explained it was the name he gave to a bird he kept in the past but naturally that was a lie. Youichi was the guy Yuuji used to go out with but they already broke up long ago. They met accidentally again one day and Yuuji left his phone with Youichi. So he called Youichi out (along with Takatoshi) and got back the phone but Takatoshi got jealous at Youichi because Youichi said he slept with Yuuji before. So, Youichi forced his way onto Yuuji (who was still uncertain of his feelings). Eventually, though Yuuji began to understand his feelings but he did not feel he would be the best partner for Takatoshi and so he left but he cried on the way home. Takatoshi followed him and saw his tears. Yuuji then confessed and that concluded the first story. There is a side story featuring Youichi as main but I haven’t had the chance to read it yet.

I like Sakura Haiji though most of her characters look pretty much the same to me (same goes for Yamato Nase).  Abereru Inu features toshishita WANKO seme… (the type I don’t like too much) but tsundere uke I love so it’s okay.  Actually what’s interesting about this manga is that they are going to dramatize it but there’s only 15 minutes in the service CD.  My question is who is going to be Youichi?? Since there are only 3 seiyuu, naturally Miyatan has to be Youichi … but Miyatan as Youichi !? I will GASP at the idea (haha) because Youichi is so seme seme to me.  I’ll be looking forward to Youichi’s voice.

Yuuji is a TEXTBOOK TSUNDERE!! If only he were more honest with his own feelings then probably Takatoshi’s life would have been much easier.  However, I guess wanko hetare seme like this kind of tsundere uke.

Gosh when I see Takatoshi’s glasses, I immediately think this is a Koyasu character.  Rather than his emotionless handsome seme, I actually prefer Koyasu’s wanko hetare seme as he should be cute.  Will add more when the CD comes out.

Has to be since there are only 3 seiyuu in this service CD but Youichi@Miyatan is really impossible to imagine.  Actually I also want to read the second story where Youichi is main… ho well, just wait patiently for the tankouban version.

This is suitable for those who don’t like smut but love toshishita WANKO seme and TSUNDERE uke :D.  If you like cool seme then…stay away from this manga!


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  2. I think so, based on the pictures he’s drawn of himself in the front of the books &such.

    It’s so weird to find out these things, yeah? :3 You just never expect that sort’ve thing, I guess. (Sure took me by surprise, too!)

  3. Hi Jeti-san,

    Hmm…but it’s hard to judge based on the self-portraits because there are some artists who purposely draw themselves as guys for some strange reasons…still, it’s possible Sakura Haiji is a guy…I’m just shocked how pretty the art is.

  4. Man seldom choose to draw BL comics. If so, then maybe is true….?The author of Only The Ring Finger Knows is also a man? With the name Satoru. O_o”

  5. I don’t think Kannagi sensei is a man. In fact, I’m pretty sure she isn’t a man from the way she writes her diary and on her BBS. Many writers use male penname just because they feel like it ^_^;;

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