Empty Heart ~ Itsuwari no koi dakara

Author: Minase Masara
Format: Manga

Usami Jun is a new art teacher at Kajiwara Takumi’s high school. Usami was in love with Takumi’s brother Kajiwara Ryouta since high school and Takumi knew it as he saw Usami secretly kissing his brother one day when his brother was asleep. However, his brother was straight and in fact was soon about to get married. Usami was shocked by his brother’s marriage news and that night Takumi comforted Usami with his own body. However, he knew he was just a replacement for his brother. That realization caused a lot of pain to Takumi but he was contend to be with Usami even if the relationship were merely physical. However, the equilibrium broke down when Usami’s friend at university – Chihara came to visit. It really hurt when Chihara told Takumi right in the face that he was a replacement. More importantly, Usami did not treat Takumi as a replacement. He really loved Takumi but Takumi did not understand that. With a little prank from Chihara, Usami finally got his feelings across to Takumi and happy end 🙂

This is an early story of Minase sensei and frankly, the setting is very similar to Junjou Romantica, even the name (sweat). However, the artwork is adorable and the way the emotions of the characters are depicted quite beautifully. In particularly, I like the melancholic look on Takumi’s face as well as the part where Usami called Takumi “Kajiwara-kun, Kajiwara-kun, and then Takumi!!” That was a good way to illustrate Usami’s feeling. I also like Chihara, what a lovely guy…cupid? I hope there will be a story for him too.
This is not dramatized so the cast below is the cast I read the manga in.

I recommend this story for Minase fans only because the story is really generic and there’s not much in the plot. However, the mood is nice and I like it. Not her best but it’s worth reading I think.


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