Shousetsuka wa Zangesuru

Author: Hishizawa Kugetsu
Illustrator: Takaku Shouko
Format: Novel, Blcd

Matsunaga Ritsu (CV: Takeuchi Ken), 24 was living with the owner of the shop whom he is working in. The owner, 40, already had a wife and a small daughter. One day when he went home, he found the place was empty and he could not contact the owner. He went to the shop where he worked and it was already under refurbishment. Apparently, the owner got on well with his wife again and abandoned Ritsu. With no money, job, and shelter, Ritsu turned to his childhood friend Ichiyanagi Katsumi (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) for help. Ritsu sighed that if only the person he loved were Katsumi, life would be easier. However, Katsumi was straight and no way could romantic love occur between them. Ritsu lost his parents when he was 10 and lived with his relatives afterwards. Therefore, he was quite sensitive to the issue of “death”. Interestingly, the part time job where Katsumi introduced Ritsu to revolve around “death”. More accurately, Ritsu’s new job was to work as a maid at the house of the successful mystery novelist Sasahara Shuuji (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) who was famous for “killing people on paper”. When Ritsu first worked at Sasahara’s residence, he found the work to be way tougher than he ever imagined. That was because Sasahara was a workholic who would not eat for 12 hours straight when absorbed in his work. In fact, when Ritsu asked Sasahara for the futon to sleep in because he could not find it, Sasahara would not even care. So Ritsu ended up falling asleep at the table. Sasahara said he would catch a cold and told him to sleep in his bed while he was working. However when Sasahara was done with his work, he came over to the bed and somehow half-raped Ritsu. That was how their relationship began :mrgreen: The next day Ritsu wanted to quit the job but Sasahara ordered a futon for him already. Gradually, Ritsu fell in love with Sasahara and the two started to live a life (with lots of sex) together :roll:. The two also got on well because they had something in common – both lost their parents to death. In Ritsu’s case, his father had a weak heart genetically and had to have an operation when he was still young. Although the operation was successful, his father died not long after during the recovery. His mother perished when he was still a kid and he had no memory of her. In Sasahara’s case, his father ran away with another woman and when he was 9, he woke up to find his mother hanging from the ceiling. She committed suicide. He then went to live in an institution but in high school, he lived with his childhood friend Youko. He debuted as a mystery author at 19 under the advice of Youko but after his success, he became busy and got distracted. Depressed, Youko also committed suicide by jumping out of the balcony four years ago. Since then Sasahara led a very unstable and unhealthy life. Probably because they both shared the experience of seeing people dying around them, Ritsu and Sasahara got on okay. However, Sasahara soon learned from Katsumi’s brother Ichiyanagi Tadashi (CV: Chiba Isshin) the rumors around Sasahara and the actress who would be playing the lead in the movie adapted from his best selling novel – Mizukoshi Yuri (CV: Ishiduka Sayori). Sasahara might fall in love with Yuri because she resembled Youko physically. He also overheard Sasahara saying he loved her over the phone and started to doubt his relationship with Sasahara (they were not lovers exactly because neither confessed). On top of that, Sasahara said on their first night that even if he wrote about him, he shouldn’t get angry. Did Sasahara just sleep with him for the sake of writing his novels? His unrest escalated when he followed Sasahara on the trip to meet with the film crew as Mizukoshi Yuri turned out to be a terrible woman. Worse, Sasahara got drunk and after sleeping with him in the hotel, he actually went to have more drinks with Mizukoshi at 2a.m. (while Ritsu was alseep) and he got caught on the camera with Mizukoshi. Pissed at the fact that he could not understand what’s going on in the mind of Sasahara and could not tell between the truth and lies, Ritsu decided to end his own misery by quitting the job. However, Sasahara collapsed soon after Ritsu left and even vomitted blood 🙄 He was hospitalized and soon after he left hospital to attend the press conference on the new movie, he made an announcement in public that he could not live without Ritsu. Ritsu, who was already worried about Sasahara, was shocked when he heard the announcement while dining with Katsumi at a restaurant. He then returned to Sasahara’s side and happy H. The CD adaptation is quite satisfactory and the plot is largely kept intact. However, some of the dialogues of Yuri are removed, especially the confrontation between Yuri and Ritsu.

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