Bukiyou na Silent

Author: Takanaga Hinako

Until HE comes back, I still can’t listen or write drama CD reviews 😦 However, I can at least do manga reviews and the one I pick is one of the manga I LIKE THE BEST!


Toono Satoru (CV: Miyata Kouki) suffers from the inability to express himself 😐 As a result, he does not have many friends but he has a person whom he has a crush on – Tamiya Keigo (CV: Takahashi Hiroki). One day, Tamiya confessed to Toono that he loved him! Since Toono had little facial reaction, Tamiya thought he was rejected but Toono tried his best to show he agreed to go out with Tamiya and so the two started to date. Although Toono was not good at expressing himself, Tamiya could sense the changes in his facial expression and seemed to enjoy doing that. The two seemed happy and Tamiya even gave Toono a baseball phone strap for a present. Unfortunately, during art class, Toono lost the phone strap and he tried hard to search for it. However, he could not find it anywhere. One day, three days, and five days passed. Since he was trying hard to search for the phone strap, he did not walk home with Tamiya, who began to suspect Toono was avoiding him. His suspicion arose from the fact that Toono started avoiding him after he tried to kiss Toono (that was on the same day Toono lost his phone strap). The misunderstanding drove the two to a corner and Toono was very upset, so much so that he started crying (while still searching for the phone strap). Then Tamiya arrived and found out the reason why Toono “avoided” him. Toono also tried his best to express his love for Tamiya by showing Tamiya his sketchbook, which was filled with Tamiya’s pictures. Tamiya blushed and could not control himself and “released all HIS ENERGY” in a go. After that, the two became “closer” and Toono wanted to change himself so he could be more “open” but Tamiya said Toono was fine like that.

The rest of the story centered on the theme of “jealousy”. In the second chapter, a cute girl called Machida Yukari transferred to Toono’s school and she seemed to get close to Tamiya. Toono got jealous and so tried to keep her away from Tamiya by inviting her to the artclub so she could not be Tamiya’s baseball team’s manager. At the same time, Tamiya wanted her to be his baseball manager because he thought Toono might have an interest in her and he did not want her to join the artclub. In the end, turned out she already had a boyfriend and for his sake, she would not join either club.

The last story is also centered on the theme of “jealousy” but this time, it was Toono’s childhood friend – Sagara Yuuji. He’s very smart and the president of the executive committee for the cultural festival in which Toono was a member. When he noticed Toono he was a bit gutted by the fact that his old position (which was by Toono’s side and being the only one who could understand his emotionless face) was now taken over by Tamiya. As a result, he tried to split the two by making Tamiya think that Toono consulted him about their relationship and was troubled by it. Tamiya wanted Toono to make things clear but since he used force, Toono rejected him. He then got pissed off and left. Toono was upset and again Sagara tried to persuade Toono that Tamiya was not good enough for him. However, Toono bursted into a continuous speech proclaiming how special Tamiya was for Toono. He even fainted after the speech 🙄 Tamiya happened to overhear the speech and so the two made up.

This is a very innovative story because we are talking about an uke with facial expression problems such that you cannot see any change on the outside but he’s very robust inside. In order to love, you must go beyond the outer surface and look into the inner side of of the person. The fact that Tamiya manages to see through Toono’s thoughts (and being the only one who can) renders the love that gradually emerges between them – a strong foundation. Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing because there are always interferences, as depicted by the story. However, the love between the two is VERY BEAUTIFUL for me and that’s why this remains one of my favorite manga ever :D. There is only one complaint – the overuse of jealousy in the manga. However, I suppose it’s hard to create a long manga out of what (I thought) meant to be a one-shot. Now onto the characters:

This is definitely one of my favorite manga because Toono is SO CUTE!!!!.

There is really no word to describe how CUTE Toono is. Although his face lacks emotions, his inner side is robust and with a variety of emotions which are illustrated through chibi Toono and that’s probably what’s the best of this manga. The contrast between the calm outer Toono and burning inner Toono. In addition, he’s also very tennen (a natural) and would say things that are VERY VERY TOUCHING with a blend face. For example, when Yuuji first appeared and Tamiya thought he might start comparing Tamiya with Yuuji, Toono said: I never once thought of comparing Tamiya to anyone TvT. He’s so innocent and cute that it’s really hard not to fall in love with him. That’s why whenever Tamiya is “in action”, he’s always “in full power” … whatever that means :D.

Well, he’s the TYPICAL Takanaga sensei’s seme… usually an ordinary and nice guy but once in bed… NOTHING BUT A BIG WOLF ^_^;; I really like the fact that Tamiya could notice Toono and love him with all his heart. He’s also patient with Toono and trying his best to understand his emotions. I understand the joy of being THE ONLY ONE who can understand Toono and that’s why he was ultra pissed when Yuujin appeared. I think Tamiya tried his best and I wish from the bottom of my heart happiness for the two! And more more cute smex, Tamiya, haha. As for who to play Tamiya, this is DIFFICULT T__T. Apparently, there’s NOT ENOUGH high school seme in the BL industry (meaning many seme are too mature to play Tamiya). However, if I must pick, then I’d go for Hatano but he definitely still lacks experience in a lot of ways.

I think Sagara might become UKE if this series continues (and it should) and therefore I go for Yusa Kouji. I dislike Sagara (as normally the case when the horse appears to disturb such a lovely and cute couple as Toono and Tamiya). I really dislike people who are cunning as Sagara (normally) but then he’s an interesting person… still UKE in my opinion XDD.

As usual, Takanaga sensei is a genius who brings us wonderful manga such as Little Butterfly, Koi suru Boukun but among all of her works so far, this is definitely the one that captures me the most.  The illustrated cover of the tankouban is also wonderful as you can see the emotionless Toono surrounded by cute chibi Toono! Wonderful Wonderful!


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  1. KYAaaaa!! my favorite manga also….just can’t resist to comment *heart*
    I’m so glad the book finally get published and the cover is super CUTE!! I feel happy just by staring at the cover ^^;;

    yes…Takanaga sensei is really a TENSAI
    …just how can a highschool boy be this CUTE! ❗

  2. >> Koutsuki-chan, welcome!

    Isn’t it beautiful, the love that rose between them. I also think the couple is super cute, especially the INNOCENCE of Toono… SO PURE and SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❗ High school boys IN REAL LIFE unfortunately are not half as cute as that ❓

  3. >> Akeema-san, welcome!

    I’m also curious but whoever is Toono will find the role rather difficult to act because normally he has to have a COOL voice… close to mechanical I suppose but inner side has to be BURSTING with cuteness… at the moment, there’s no PERFECT FIT in my head really 🙄 As for the seme… that’s ALSO challenging because you have to be quite double faced… gentle and kind usually and BIG BAD WOLF in bed 😳

  4. Well I definitely like the idea of Hatano Wataru as Tamiya. I really loved him in Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai. As for uke I like the idea of Ichiki Mitsuhiro because at the time I was reading the manga I was also listening to Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de and he sounded sooo cute! So when I read the manga I kept hearing his voice in my head as Toono.

  5. >> Akeema-san,
    I remember Ichiki Mitsuhiro too! He was SO CUTE in Ai to Yokubou… but then will he fit Toono? I think he might fit the bursting side but I’m not sure about the emotionless side… actually that’s QUITE tough, haha 😆

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