Hidari te wa kare no yume wo miru

Author: Kannagi Satoru
Illustrator: Odagiri Hotaru
Format: Novel, Blcd

My review is based on the drama CD only because I left my novel at home. I might fill in the details when I go home the end of this year from the novel. This is the second in the “Only the Finger Knows Series”, one of the first series to be translated into English (perhaps). The English title is “The Left Hand Dreams of His” . Please refer to my other reviews for my impressions on the rest of the series.

PREVIOUS REVIEWS: Only the Finger Knows // The Ring Finger Falls Silent


A year elapsed after Fujimura Wataru (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) and Kazuki Yuichi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) became lovers. Last year, in order to “sleep with” *ahem* Wataru, Kazuki studied extremely hard and successfully got into T University. This year, it’s Wataru’s turn to study for the university entrance exams. However, Kazuki’s birthday is also close by and the couple wanted to spend some nice time together. So, Kazuki tried to find a part time job so he could earn money to go on a trip with Wataru. One day, at a cafe, Wataru met Kazuki’s upperclassman Asaka Masanobu ‘s (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi). Asaka seemed to have an interest in Wataru but they never got a chance to speak to each other but Asaka managed to learn a little about Wataru through Kazuki. Asaka had always invited Kazuki to join his architecture circle where he would conduct rennovation projects for old buildings. Kazuki did not want to join because his brother was a famous architect and Asaka’s acquaintance and there was this sibling rivalry (slightly) between Kazuki and Asaka. However, in order to earn money for the trip, Kazuki accepted Asaka’s offer and would work for the circle for a couple of weeks just for the money. While Kazuki was working at Asaka’s circle, Wataru came to visit but the couple had the same patterned “rings” on their fingers. Asaka noticed and so dragged Wataru away by the hand just so no one would notice. Asaka was also very nice to Wataru and would talk to him and treat him gently. Slightly, Wataru seemed to be swayed by Asaka’s kindness which really pissed Kazuki off. In fact, Kazuki was so angry at Wataru’s closeness with Asaka that he even got into an argument with a fellow member at the circle. Asaka was good at handling disputes and quickly performed his “Asaka magic” but Kazuki was still pissed and left the scene. Wataru was shocked to find Kazuki being so uncooperative and for a while, Wataru seemed to forget that Kazuki was actually very similar to Asaka. For him, Kazuki was the “self-centered”, “arrogant” boyfriend he always had. That’s because before they fell in love, Kazuki was rather cold to him but in reality, Kazuki was the model student and was very kind to everyone. Kawamura (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro) reminded him of the similarity between Kazuki and Asaka and gradually it seemed Wataru was searching for the shadow of the past Kazuki in Asaka. The two fought over the incident and did not meet each other for a week. A week later, Wataru went to the place where Kazuki was working. He expected to find a grumpy Kazuki who was burning with frustration because he was missing Wataru very much. Instead, he found a Kazuki who was chatting and laughing happily with his coworkers. Wataru was upset and ran away but bumped into Asaka who was just coming in. Asaka brought him to a cafe, calmed him down, and mentioned about Wataru being similar to a girlfriend he had since high school. While the two were talking, a coworker from the circle rushed in to tell Asaka and Wataru that Kazuki was in an accident! Earlier, Kazuki was fighting with another co-worker over the mirror because the frame did not fit the size of the mirror perfectly. The mirror then fell and landed on Kazuki who was close by. Luckily, Kazuki only hurt his hand but Wataru was so anxious he waited outside of Kazuki’s apartment after the latter returned from hospital. In the end, the couple reconciled and Kazuki used the money he earned from the part-time job to bring Wataru to Okinawa to celebrate his birthday. Prior to that though, in the last track, while Wataru was waiting for Kazuki, Asaka came as a pinch hitter and there, Asaka told Wataru the story about him and his girlfriend. The girl whom Asaka loved and dated passed away in an accident a year ago. Asaka loved her very much but she had to break up with Asaka because she said she loved him too much she felt tired. She wanted to return to mere friends. Asaka could not understand why she would want the break up because he thought he tried his best to give her whatever she wanted. That, sadly was the cause of their split up. Asaka was very upset by the breakup as well as the death of his former girlfriend. When he saw Wataru and realized how similar those eyes were to his girlfriend’s, he was worried. He did not want Kazuki and Wataru to end up like himself and his girlfriend. So, he tried to help but Wataru turned out to be tougher than he initially thought and he also reasoned that was why Kazuki dated Wataru despite the later was a boy. Kazuki was searching for someone whom he could fall in love with and Wataru was THE ONE.

The second novel so far is the most boring in the series but it’s necessary in order to build up the plot for the second half of the series, a.k.a. the battle between Asaka and Kazuki. The major function of this novel is to bring in Asaka, who would later become the third person in the relationship. I’m sure many people dislike Asaka because of his position (to destroy a cute happy couple). However, in a way instead of interefering them, Asaka actually helped to strengthen the bond between the two. If nothing happened, given the popularity of Kazuki, one day he might really leave Wataru should he get bored. So the threat Asaka posed actually ignited Kazuki’s passion for Wataru. Of course, Asaka was not doing this to help Kazuki and Wataru. He was doing this because watching the couple reminded him of his own tragic and unsuccessful romance. In the CD and novel to a certain extent, Kannagi sensei emphasized on Wataru searching for the remnance of the gentle and kind Kazuki in Asaka. At the same time though, Asaka was searching for the shadows of HIS GIRLFRIEND in Wataru. Both were searching for something they were missing and that’s why the “bonding” between Asaka and Wataru was “BORN”. Although Asaka was the “villain” in a way though he seemed to be a completely good guy (sweat), he was also a character whom people either HATE OUTRIGHT or could sympathsize and cheer for. Kazuki already found what he wanted but Asaka was still searching…thus the story would turn out to be a battle between the one who was determined to get what he want and the one who was determined not to lose what he already had.

In the first novel, I totally liked Wataru but in this novel, I began to lose some love for him (and in the third, totally hated him), haha. The reason why Wataru started to lose my heart was because in the first novel, he was TOUGH. Although Kazuki was so cold and harsh to him, he was TOUGH and he managed to confront Kazuki outright. Sadly, in the second novel, he was completely led by the pace of Asaka and rather than appreciating what he ALREADY HAD, he took a step backward and started searching for something he SHOULD ALREADY HAVE GIVEN UP in order to GET LOVE. He’s just being greedy, this boy. To love someone means to take up both the joy and pangs of falling in love. How then could he always look back and only want the sweetness but not the bitterness of love? Also, Kazuki was working hard and doing so much for him but he did rather little for Kazuki and even went out with Asaka all the time and turned to Asaka when there was a problem. He was TOUGHER in the first book and solved the problem by himself but here he just became a useless little kitten… GRRRR. I have no complaint with Suzumura’s performance though I must say when trapped in the middle by two GORGEOUS and COOL GUYS, his ordinary voice (as a result of Wataru’s personality) made him less noticeable and his presence trivial (explode).

Kazuki was a bit blend here (compared to his performance in both the first and the third of the series) and that’s probably because here Kazuki was really like a supporting rather than the main character. Even in terms of the volume of dialogues, it was also reduced (poor Kazuki) but it couldn’t be helped because they had to bring in Asaka. I’m sure Kazuki fans won’t be pleased, neither would Sakurai fans be.

I have said it before but I’ll say it again, his voice is a bit too YOUNG for Asaka. To me, he sounded more like the same age as Kazuki. Setting THAT aside though, he did portray Asaka well in the sense that there was the “sweetness” in the voice but also a sense of dispair. I suppose they picked Kamiyan because of the unqiue “sadness” in his voice. Just like in Takemoto, there was “sorrow” and “warmth” in his voice, a quality which made him perfect for a miserable but confident man as Asaka. In the second novel, we only heard the “gloomy” Asaka. In the third though, when the “cunning” Asaka emerged, it would justify a bit further why he was picked despite him sounding TOO YOUNG for the role.

Although Kawamura’s appearance in each novel was very limited, he’s still an important character because he was the “objective observer” who reminded Wataru the dangerous direction he was heading when he was searching for the past Kazuki in Asaka. Being used to the “haraguro” Tsuboi, I’m really impressed by his ability to play a lively character as Kawamura SO WELL! YOU ROCK Tsuboi san!!

Despite it being the MOST BORING of the series, I still like this drama A LOT because I’m hopelessly in love with Kamiyan (laugh) and that level of sweetness is quite rare among his roles. Also, it IS necessary to listen to this if you are a fan of the series because it holds the key for future development. Of course, SakuSuzu is just as lovable as ever but I must say Sakurai was not as much ON FIRE in this one as he was in the third installment.


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  2. Hi, nanya-san.. Your reviews ROCK!!! I really like the manga’s story ^^… somehow it makes my heart *doki2* faster and faster…
    I always wonder how I can miss such adorable story like this after my 5 years “journey� in yaoi world (laugh)… I really want to read the whole manga so I searched the scanlations on internet but I can’t find it since it has been licensed by DMP T_T and because I lived in Indonesia which I think this manga or novel WILL BE VERY HARD TO LICENSED HERE or should I say never?…(cry)
    I think it over and over again how can I read this manga if the scanlation isn’t on the internet anymore???!?!?!? Because all of my yaoi manga is from the internet (scanlation) T_T
    The publisher in here would never ever licensed manga like this and my mom won’t let me order manga’s online since I’m still 17 years old.. T_T
    I’m dying to know the whole story… >..

  3. Rena-san, thanks for your commend 😀

    The manga version is only available for book one (and this is book 2 in the series). There is only a novel version and no manga version for it I’m afraid.

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