Boku no Koi no Hanashi Himegoto

Author: Shinba Rize
Format: Manga, Blcd

I actually wrote half of the review for this manga and was ready to finish it at the beginning of this month when Kamiyan had the accident. I then stopped because I totally lost the energy to write, especially when I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to his role in this manga as it would simply be P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Well, I guess that’s life. I just have to wait for another chance . There WILL be a drama CD coming out in October. I am not sure whether I will listen to it (depending on my feelings). I’m very interested in Kondou’s UKE debut but complicated feelings but I finally decided to listen and I’m glad I did because both Hirakawa and Kondou are very cute in the drama!


The plot itself is very simple. In fact, it’s so simple it might surprise people as to how she could chuck out a WHOLE VOLUME with such a simple story. The fact that SHE MANAGED and MANAGED SO WELL is why I like this manga . Umehara (CV: Kondou Takashi) belonged to the artclub and he had a friend whose girlfriend just dumped him for a more popular guy, Mizue (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). That’s why Umehara’s friend complained a lot about Mizue to Umehara. One day, Umehara accidentally bumped into the teacher and damaged his tie with the paint in his hand. The accident was partly the fault of Mizue and so the pair was punished – by weeding the school’s flowerbed under the burning sun. In the process of weeding, Umehara found out Mizue was not as horrible as his friend described. In fact, the latter was nice enough to stay through the weeding despite getting a lot of mail on his cell phone. In addition, he also bought Umehara drinks and gave half of the third can to Umehara (indirect kiss!). That was how Umehara got attracted to Mizue. While they were walking home, Umehara asked Mizue if he had time because he wanted to buy a replacement tie for the teacher as that tie was a gift from his daughter on Father’s day. Mizue immediately agreed (to Umehara’s surprise because he thought Mizue had a girlfriend or he would not be getting so many mails). The shopping became somewhat a date.

One day, while Mizue was on his way from the library to the classroom, he dropped by Umehara’s artclub and found the latter painting. He then asked Umehara to paint him and gradually, Mizue spent more and more time at the artclub. Turned out Mizue loved to play music but he had a hearing problem and so he had to stop but he could hear music from the artclub’s classroom. Umehara was a bit puzzled. He did not understand why Mizue would spend so much time at the artclub, he could not understand why the Mizue, who was always smiling so beautifully, who was so sweet, and who seemed to be popular and had a girlfriend, would be spending so much time with him at the artclub. He was puzzled and started to think hard and the harder he thought through matters, the more awkward the relationship became for the two. This aggravated when Mizue said he would date Umehara were he a girl. Umehara fell in love with Mizue but he realized that love would not blossom because he was a guy! Hurt Umehara got into an argument with Mizue. Mizue wanted to apologize but he did not know the best way. Remembering the painting Umehara drew with him as the model, he painted (in RED) the words: SORRY on the painting. When Umehara found the painting, he thought it was blood at first but was touched by the “apology and confession”. Turned out Mizue loved him just as much but did not quite know how to confess because Umehara was a boy. The pair reconciled and had a hot kiss in the classroom!

A rather short review because I did not have the mood to go into details. Besides, this is a manga and so it shouldn’t be hard to get access to or understand. As a result, I will not spoil the plot (but there’s really nothing to spoil as the plot is so simple). The beauty of this manga is the detailed description of Umehara’s “thought processes”. It’s a pity we don’t get a glimpse of Mizue’s “thought processes” as well. Shinba sensei is famous for her comedies like Aijin Incubus and so I’m truly stunned by the fact that she’s capable of such deep exploration of love within Umehara. It is pleasant surprise but that’s also what made me love this manga very much. Also, because she paid attention to the details in this manga, she also drew with more precision and details than usual. Also, because there are just two characters in the whole manga, the depth it reaches is AMAZING. Such depth is uncommon even in ordinary manga, save Shina sensei’s manga. Ahhh… I love it very much. The pity (as shared by some Japanese reviewers) is the fact that it’s “too light” and the hearing problem of Mizue is not further explored. Were it more carefully incorporated into the plot, I feel maybe it would increase the attraction of the manga as there would be a even more perfect balance between the sweetness and bitterness of this story.
Umehara is the spirit of this whole manga because the whole story is told through the mix of his monologues and dialogues with Mizue. It’s a surprisingly difficult role to play and I’m looking forward to Kondou’s performance. He’s famous for his role in Black Cat but “monologues” is a skill not many seiyuu master so I wish Kondou all the luck! Umehara is certainly not the type of uke I like because he’s a bit “girlish”, thinking all the time over fuzzy little details, getting jealous easily, and is a bit too delicate for a boy. In short, this manga is really a fake BL because it’s more shoujo in style and storytelling. However, Umehara LOOKS VERY physically and so I forgive him (Nanya is speaking garbage again).

Rather than Umehara, I suppose what made me fall in love so desperately and hopelessly with this manga is the seme Mizue. Umehara is cute but Mizue is WAY CUTER. That million dollar smile (That’s why I thought it was right of them to initially pick Kamiyan because he resembles Mizue when he smiles)!!!! Everything about Mizue is SO CUTE … from the way he got Umehara drinks, to the way he chatted with other people, to the way he cracked weird jokes/ psychological tests. Most important of all though, his APOLOGY AND CONFESSION!!! He couldn’t draw very well and so that bloody printing on Umehara’s painting was a bit freaky, not to mention he really thought Umehara could get rid of that bloody and ugly handwriting by paiting over it. That’s the beauty of Mizue. To smile the way he wanted, to act cool when he wanted, to laugh about his own disability the way he wanted, and to love Umehara the way he wanted. AMAZING! Nanya really likes guys like Mizue A LOT!!!

If you like cute school comedy, this is the PERFECT manga for you. The plot is simple but SWEET! The main couple is also SWEET! It’s similar to Kawaii Hito (by Konno Keiko sensei) and it’s recommended if you have a lot of time to waste but not in the mood for something dark or heartsinking.


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