Yogoto mitsu wa shitaterite

Author: Izumi Katsura
Illustrator: Enjin Yamimaru
Format: Novel, Blcd

This is the sequel to Kono Tsumi Bukaki Yoru ni. I’ve updated the review with comments from the drama CD. Enjoy!


In the first novel, we learned about the tragic romance between the eldest son in the Seikanji family Kunitaka (CV: Chiba Susumu) and his childhood friend and servant Narita Ryuutarou (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou). After the couple fled to Shanghai, the Seikanji family began to fall apart. It is not suprising because so far, Kunitaka was the one running around getting funds to support the family. His absence meant no one was left to do the job. Kazutaka (CV: Nojima Kenji) has no interest in politics or finance. His younger brother Michitaka (CV: Fukuyama Jun) was too young and still at school. Same went for his sister Mariko (CV: Matsuda Yuki). So far to support his family, Kazutaka went to parties to search for patrons (a.k.a. guys he slept with in exchange for their fundings). Since losing his virginity to his father’s secretary and lover Fukushuumi Yoshiasu (CV: Yusa Kouji) ten years ago, Kazutaka improved a lot in terms of techniques. However, he never really enjoyed the sex he had so far. All the time he remained cool and conscious and never lost himself … not even once. Although Kazutaka was the center of attention at parties because of his abnormal beauty (which he inherited from his father), he hated his good looks. He resented the fact that he was the only in the family who inherited the filthy blood from his father, Fuyuki (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi). However, he was also very proud because unlike his father, he would never loose himself in sex. He was always in control and all his opponents were inferior to him. He enjoyed the fact that he slept with the opponent and watched them succumb to him. So far, he guided many men to destruction but only one man seemed not to be tainted by him. That man is Fukazawa Naomi (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki). The two met while Kazutaka was helping out at the office of a successful lawyer Kijima Atsuhiro. At first, Fukazawa appeared to be very kind and even invited Kazutaka to their gatherings. However, when Kazutaka was attacked by one of Kijima’s secretarial assistants Koyama who forced Kazutaka to go out with him, Fukazawa saw Koyama trying to beat Kazutaka but did not react at all. He did not interfere and just watched Kazutaka with very cold eyes. Later though, Fukazawa seemed the perfect nice again. Kazutaka could not understand Fukazawa and he wanted to know him more. Since he inherited the Seikanji blood, like his father, his best method to know someone was to SLEEP WITH HIM :mrgreen:. However, it seemed Fukazawa was special. Unlike the previous people Kazutaka slept with before, Fukazawa remained the bright and clean young man who did not loose himself in Kazutaka’s beauty. He was the only one who seemed to be immune to the Seikanji magic. As a result, Kazutaka became more and more interested in Fukazawa. He wanted Fukazawa and he was wondering how he could obtain him. Then he found a way. He asked Fukazawa to get married to his younger sister because he would like to make good use of Fukazawa’s talent but the latter turned it down. Also, it was unfair to his sister because she would loose the ability to choose her lover as a result of Kazutaka’s selfishness. He then found another way. He asked Fukazawa to become his sister’s fiance and if the two did not work well, they could always call the engagement off. Fukazawa agreed to the engagement proposal and since then moved into Seikanji’s household.

Given the ingenuity of Fukazawa, he soon took complete control over both Seikanji household and the family business. Fukazawa demonstrated his business ability through his decision of letting go of Seikanji’s mousseline business when mousseline was still massively popular at the time and his decision was right. For that matter, Seikanji textiles was the only one not affected by the collapse of the mousseline business later on. Kazutaka soon feared the amount of control Fukazawa gained in the family. Not only that, Kazutaka was also surprised by the other side of Fukazawa. It soon occurred to Kazutaka that the nice guy was only the mask Fukazawa put on to disguise the REAL HIM. In reality, he was not the innocent good man Kazutaka knew. He was a freakingly skilled SM master and he raped Kazutaka in his brother’s library, spilling all the se*men over his brother’s desk. — BEGIN NOTE — Kunitaka was a person who was obsessed with cleanliness and so Kazutaka felt REALLY GUILTY POLLUTING his brother’s desk and tried to control himself by not dashing out TOO MUCH 🙄 …. –END NOTE– After knowing the REAL KING OF SM FUKAZAWA, the equilibrium in the relationship between Kazutaka and Fukazawa began to change. (1) Instead of being in control, Kazutaka gradually lost control and for the first time completely immerged in the pleasure of sex — the thing he feared the most in his life because that would mean he resembled his sinful father more and more. (2) His desire for Fukazawa (and Fukazawa only) also grew stronger day by day. After emerging himself in a marathon of daily sex, Kazutaka was tired and by chance, he saw Fukazawa kissing his father in the greenhouse where his father slept with countless number of men and women. When Kazutaka saw his father’s seducing leg, he was shocked and very deeply hurt. A mere human as himself, how could he rival his father — the father who was both the count and current head of the household while himself was simply a candidate; The father who was the most beautiful and erotic creature who ever rocked this colorless world while he was just a scary little rabbit hiding behind the mask called PRIDE. He couldn’t so he tried to escape by running away. For Kazutaka, all Fukazawa wanted was not himself but just the power and wealth of the Seikanji family. Fukazawa could easily find replacement for Kazutaka in that house – either Fuyuki or Mariko. When Kazutaka realized how much he wanted Fukazawa but that he was not a necessity to Fukazawa, he was engulfed by desperation and hopelessness. Then, an old patron, the former count Oguchi å°¾å?£whom he slept with once and hated him because he lost everything as a result of Kazutaka, came for revenge. Actually, all Kazutaka did was to refuse to become Oguchi’s possession but Oguchi blamed Kazutaka for all his misfortune. He made a mistake in investment and went bankrupt because of the mousseline business but he even blamed Kazutaka for that. He took Mariko as hostage and threatened to kill Kazutaka. Surprisingly, Kazutaka told Oguchi that if he wanted to die with him, Kazutaka would die with him. Oguchi then turned his knife to Kazutaka, who made no effort to escape. However, Fukazawa came and protected Kazutaka and got seriously injured instead. Kazutaka could not understand why Fukazawa would cover for him, when he used all sorts of sexual techniques to disgrace and humiliate him – both body and soul. Then, at the hospital, he overheard Fukazawa’s conversation with Mariko and realized that Fukazawa protected Kazutaka because HE WAS MARIKO’s BROTHER. Kazutaka’s world instantly shattered upon hearing these words. Just when he finally came to terms with his own feelings – that he truly loved Fukazawa, he found that Fukazawa protected him not for his sake but Mariko’s sake. He then tried to escape from Fukazawa and for the next three weeks, kept a distance. However, it seemed Fukazawa could no longer tolerate this and invited Kazutaka to his room where he showed Kazutaka the room he would reside should he marry Mariko. There was also a huge mirror in the room – a gift from Fuukushumi because Mariko would need the mirror to change. (The following is a summary, not translation)

Kazutaka was not needed…
His older brother abandoned him and the family to seek happiness with his true love.
The count’s name would be inherited by his brother Michitaka.
The actual business and wealth would be inherited by Fukazawa and Mariko.
There was no place for him anywhere.
He would be abandoned by the person whom he desired the most –
He did not want to let go of Fukazawa, even if that meant being enslaved by him.

…. it was then when he heard something he could only dream of hearing –
That Fukazawa loved him from the very beginning.
That Fukazawa actually loved him at first sight.
That Fukazawa had been watching him all the time,
Seeing not the Kazutaka masked by pride
But the bare, naked, and frightened Kazutaka – who dreaded his own beauty
That all Fukazawa could think of since the day they met
Both in his waking moments and in his dreams,
Was to get hold of both his body and heart.
That he was not a replacement
But Fukazawa’s true love.

In the end, in front of that large mirror, Kazutaka finally saw –
The naked image of his true self
Being wrapped around by the pair of hands
Who tortured him
Who imprisoned him
But who also loved him
More than anyone else in this world.

That concluded the first part of the second novel. The second part was merely a collection of more “sex education” he received from Fukazawa 🙄 and the unrest in his mind because of the growing love between him and Fukazawa. Despite the fact that Fukazawa said he loved him, he was still officially the fiance of Mariko. Besides, something was still bothering Kazutaka – the kiss between Fuyuki and Fukazawa he witnessed in the greenhouse. That was only resolved in the last story in the third novel. I’ll include it here though. In that story, Mariko was targeted by some stalker and Kazutaka was worried about her safety. So, one night he escorted her. However, when he mentioned about Mariko’s wedding, she said she wanted to call it off. That was also Fukazawa’s will. Kazutaka was puzzled but he said it was okay and he would try to find someone else for Mariko. Then he got kidnapped but Fukazawa came to rescue. When all was over (including the merry sexual scenes), Kazutaka asked if Fukazawa would become Fuyuki’s adopted son. In that case, they could be together. He also asked why Fukazawa kissed Fuyuki in that greenhouse. Fukazawa then explained that it was the “price” Fuyuki asked for to let him take Kazutaka from the Seikanji family. Then, for the first time Fukazawa called Kazutaka by his name and name only (without the formal address). This last conversation was REALLY FUNNY because when he heard he was worth only “a kiss” to Fuyuki, he felt “cheap”. Then, he also blushed when Fukazawa called him by his name… ahhhh… SO CUTE!!!!


Just finished listening to the drama CD. Overall, the plot in the CD follows the plot of the book closely. Fuyuki’s H scenes increased 🙄 a bit and the kiss scene was also acted out instead of just being described by Kazutaka’s monologues. The music was also very nice this time, especially the violin BGM. It mached the historical era and elevated the tension in the drama CD. I’m extremely satisfied with this CD 😀

As I mentioned before, this story is basically a version of “Taming of the Shrew”. However, the “shrew” here is not a REAL “shrew” but a “shrew” in disguise. Although plotwise, this is the weakest of the four novels, it’s my second favorite. Actually I have a difficulty struggling between liking this one more or the third novel more but after writing this review, I think I have decided. Yappari I like Kazutaka more ^^;; The story itself is very simple but I do like the writing in this story because it makes your heart ache as you read through Kazutaka’s worries. Since this series is more CHARACTER moe than PLOT moe, I’ll jump to the characters IMMEDIATELY. One warning though: If you cannot stand “toys”, refrain from this series. Since it takes place in the Taisen period, the VIBE then was not like the vibe today… actually what Fukazawa did was to use Mariko’s perfume bottle as a vibe >_<… hmmm…. hmmmm…. I don’t want to go into the details but ever since then when Kazutaka just saw the bottle, his waist would ache ^^;; Also, some of the description of the H scenes are REALLY EXPLICIT… hmmm… unlike the first story, this story is basically a collection of H scenes. Actually it might be more erotic than the fourth novel…though the number of people Kazutaka slept with was way below that of his father (who slept with multiple at the same time ^^;;).


I feel sorry for Nojiken just thinking about the AMOUNT OF ACTION and HUMILIATION he has to go through vv… the poor thing. Actually the dream I mentioned in the beginning of the review, it was the scene both Kazutaka and Kunitaka witnessed in Act 1 (of Disc II) in the first CD. That was a scene in the second novel but I had no idea why MOVIC threw it into the first CD… I wonder if they will repeat the scene again in this CD? They should given the significance it has on poor Kazutaka’s life. If so I hope they’ll record it again because this time the effect might be very different as Fuyuki Papa (the person inside) has accumulated A LOT MORE EXPERIENCE since then (sweat). Never mind me. Anyway back to the poor Kazutaka. He is actually imprisoned by his own beauty. Unlike the proud and elegant young man he pretended to be, he is really a little kitty who is easily scared of everything. He is scared of becoming crazy like his father who lives for nothing but sex. He is scared he will be abandoned and therefore never really loved anyone. The more he fears, the prouder he becomes. In short, he is NOT a QUEEN but one who tries to pretend to be QUEEN. Henceforth, this is NOT a story about a KICHIKU MEGANE x QUEEN but a HARDCORE KICHIKU MEGANE x FAKE QUEEN.

Actually what attracts me to Kazutaka (or the most interesting point throughout this story) is not Fukazawa x Kazutaka (sorry) but Fukushuumi x Kazutaka. As I mentioned in my review, the first man he slept with (and whom he learned a lot about sex) was from his father’s lover but he addressed Fukushuumi as FATHER though. I really have trouble with how Kazutaka could invite Fukushuumi to his bed KNOWING Fukushuumi only had eyes on Fuyuki. He knew he was a replacement right??? So all his life, Kazutaka was REALLY trapped by his own beauty – which he inherited from his father. And when I say his “beauty”, it’s more his “father” who destroyed Kazutaka’s confidence. Kazutaka did not want to become like his father because he felt his father was dirty. Kunitaka also became obsessed with cleanliness because he felt his father was dirty. However, Kazutaka could not rival his father either and he realized that inheriting the blood meant one day he would become like his father. That’s why he hated his family and hated everything in the world. Everything became uninteresting until Fukazawa came along. He could not leave Fukazawa – no matter how much Fukazawa humiliated him simply because only Fukazawa saw the real him. Only Fukazawa recognized Kazutaka’s fear and was willing to support him. <br><br>Finally, one word I must say about Kazutaka – he is the person who truly loves his family. While his brother abandoned the family, while his younger brother went to Europe with his lover, he stayed behind to guard the family. Even though he dragged Fukazawa in the beginning into the family because he wanted Fukazawa, it was also true that he wanted Fukazawa to help rebuild the family. For that matter, when he slept (and suffered all the humiliation), a part of him felt that was a way to let Fukazawa have his revenge (for being dragged into the Seikanji mess). For Kazutaka – until he realized Fukazawa loved him – he kept thinking it was all done out of revenge and hatred (and that REALLY HURT). Still he bore all these because of love and also because he thought about his family. For that matter, I chose Kazutaka over Michitaka ^0^ but then Michitaka also thinks a lot about his family too ^0^. And of course Mariko also loves her family. Despite the horrible marriage and Fuyuki’s lack of interest in the family, the Seikanji family actually is a closely knitted family and all the members love each other. That’s partly Fukushuumi’s success because he raised the kids with love … maybe a little TOO MUCH love ^^;;

In terms of acting in the drama CD, let me scream: “B-R-A-V-O!” Nojiken! This drama CD probably assures me that Nojiken is THE PERFECT KAZUTAKA. This is an extremely tough role to act and the fact that he could act it so well is amazing! The monologues slightly change as Kazutaka’s heart changes. The tone he used with different people was also slightly different. For example, with Fukushuumi, he used a “little devil’s seducing voice”. With his father, he used a cold voice, with his siblings, he used a gentle voice. Finally, with Fukazawa, he began with a queen voice and gradually descended to a girl with a troubled heart. SIMPLY AMAZING! I bow to Nojiken’s skills.

Intelligent, good looking, and a TRUE SM MASTER, Fukazawa is actually quite straightforward when it comes to love (surprisingly). He just falls in love with Kazutaka at first sight -> and then think about getting Kazutaka ever since. Given his talent, he could easily become a successful politician or businessman. He could easily get married to a rich daughter instead of being engaged to the daughter of a crumbling noble family. To be honest, Kazutaka is REALLY DUMB. Fukazawa basically told him: “I love you” when he agreed to Kazutaka’s ridiculous proposal – to be Mariko’s fiance (but not husband). If Fukazawa did not like Kazutaka, why on earth did he have to sacrifice his own future to become Seikanji’s family successor? Having said “successor”, actually the wealth Seikanji family later gained was all thanks to Fukazawa. In short, even Fukazawa inherited the Seikanji family, he really gained nothing. He actually lost all the things he could potentially gain. And for what? K.A.Z.U.T.A.K.A. Since Fukazawa loved Kazutaka SO MUCH, I forgive him despite he is the king of SM and gradually murder Kazutaka with sex. It’s actually lucky that Fukazawa found Kazutaka (whose blood enabled him to stand all those weird tricks). If it were normal human human, he would have died within a year if not months ^^;; That’s why his love during his college years did not go well. I think Konitan did a great job as Fukazawa, especially the gentle part. Probably he mostly had rather gentle roles when his opponent is Nojiken, he’s extremely gentle here as well… in fact, a bit TOO GENTLE that the SM master side seemed a bit weak. Still, I suppose it’s better Fukazawa be sweet than SM…

S-C-A-R-Y!!! Actually this is the guy I want to murder the most because he RUINED both the lives of Kazutaka and Fuyuki. He destroyed Fuyuki’s life by robbing him his virginity. He unleashed the monster/ fairy Fuyuki and that in turn destroyed Kazutaka’s life because Kazutaka feared Fuyuki A LOT. To come to think of it, I understand why Kunitaka HATED Fukushuumi. Actually … ME TOO! I can understand him sleeping with Fuyuki because then Fuyuki was really cute and innocent. However, I could not understand how he could sleep with Kunitaka when the latter literally called him “FATHER”. On top of that, he was the one who held Kazutaka in his arms when he was a child. He was the one who RAISED Kazutaka because Fuyuki was not interested in child rearing. Yet, he MANAGED TO SLEEP WITH Kazutaka when the latter was only 14. NOT ONLY THAT, he CONTINUED the weird relationship with Kazutaka TILL THE PRESENT DAY!!! In the beginning of the novel, that insert – at first I thought it was Fukushuumi x Fuyuki but it turned out to be Fukushuumi x Kazutaka!!!! FREAKY!!! I dun mind as I am a supporter of INCEST *V*. Actually, I am more interested in Fukushuumi x Kazutaka than anything else. I mean what is Fuyuki thinking? I am sure he KNOWS Fukushuumi slept with Kazutaka (it’s SO FREAKING OBVIOUS) but he said nothing (yet he must be plotting something behind… as always).

Also, throughout the novel, Fukushuumi was acting like Kazutaka’s counsellor (but never stopped flirting with Kazutaka … oh my god it’s freaky mama but EXCITING *v*). The most interesting action is the fact that he GAVE FUKAZAWA THAT MIRROR. I’m sure he did not give the mirror for Mariko’s sake. The mirror was given to Fukazawa (in my opinion) such that he could guide Kazutaka to see his TRUE SELF. Probably Fuukushumi wanted to show Kazutaka his true self so Kazutaka would stop hiding behind his mask of pride but he failed. HE FAILED because he was not Kazutaka’s TRUE LOVE…he FAILED because he belonged to Fuyuki and not Kazutaka. However, at least he tried. Although HE IS FREAKY (more so to me than the SM Master Fukazawa), I actually LIKE HIM A LOT as well… so I’m in this love and hate complex. I love Fukushuumi because of his love for Fuyuki. Even it was JUST ONE MOMENT, when he stared at the sleeping Fuyuki (though he flirted with Kazutaka like just a minute ago … sweat), it was all love. There was only a hint as to why Fukushuumi slept with Kazutaka in the book. Fuukushumi said it was because he
was valiant (凛) and a romanticist who was not pretentious and followed his own desires. However, I felt rather than valiant, he actually meant innocent. Anyway, for Fukushuumi though, the person who was the most valiant of all was Fuyuki though. I bet the author is hinting that though he appears to the most filthy of all sexually, his heart is also the most pure and untainted as he never betrays his own feelings. One word, Yusa sama… you are too wonderful you stole some of Konitan’s glory ORZ. The impact of Fukushuumi here is TOO STRONG… whether be his interactions with Kazutaka or Fuyuki… this is not good, not good. I’m extremely weak to Yusa’s deep, sexy voice… someone call the ambulance!!!

Regarding Fuyuki, I have nothing to say except the fact that his dialogues ARE BRILLIANT!!! They are SHORT, but STRAIGHT and TO THE POINT. When he met Fukazawa for the first time, he said “he’s full” and that is even before the family dinner. When he said “full”, was he referring to the fact that he was bored by the engagement? Was he bored because he knew it was a fake to begin with? Then when he demanded the kiss from Fukazawa, did he realize Kazutaka was there? Was that the reason why he purposely spread his legs so they appeared seductive? Then what really fascinated me was the last conversation he had with Kazutaka. He PURPOSELY said “Mariko’s HUSBAND” but Kazutaka immediately corrected him and said “Mariko’s FIANCE”. Was that a trick to test Kazutaka’s feelings? Hmmmm…Fuyuki seemed to know everything but he did not do anything he deemed UNNECESSARY. In his world, there is nothing but Fukushuumi (and non-Fukushuumi). For Fukushuumi’s sake, he could ruin families or even Japan ^^;; but when it’s not for Fukushuumi’s sake, he will DO NOTHING. See??? He REALLY is the MOST INNOCENT OF ALL PEOPLE… but then he is NOT HUMAN to begin with (sweat).<br><br>Bloody heck, KAMIYAN COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t live without you (exaggeration). Still, his Fuyuki… OMG … OMG… I dunno what to say. Apparently either my love for him grew or he skilled up A LOT. The opening H became much more soothing to the ears and … and the pe*is licking… he’s the QUEEN of pe*is licking as well it seems! Not only that, the coldness in his tone when he was chatting with Kazutaka contrasted brilliantly with the erotic tone he used when facing Fukushuumi. Still, that’s not the voice of a human… sorry, he already became a REAL FAIRY (explodes).

To come to think of it, Mariko is the POOR VICTIM who got sucked into all these. I guess she understands (not long) that Fukazawa has no interest in her but she still has to get dragged into this engagement business because his stupid brother was not honest with himself. WORSE was the fact that rumors would keep pouring because people would suspect she might have slept with Fukazawa already (or else why would the fiance move in to live with her before marriage). Having said all these though, the good news is that she is NOT Fuyuki’s child (but the illegimate child of her mother who flirted with another guy and died when giving birth to her). She is very nice person – very understanding – and I do wish she would find happiness (from the bottom of my heart).

In the previous book, the poor guy Asano was the villain but from this book, it’s quite obvious he LOVES KUNITAKA ^^;; Even when Kazutaka offered himself, he was not interested. Also, even when he was injured while Kunitaka and Ryuu escaped to Shanghai, he kept their escape a secret (along with Kazutaka). I was REALLY TOUCHED by what he told Kazutaka about Kunitaka. He refused to admit he loved Kunitaka (talking about man’s pride …) but he said he wanted Kunitaka to fear him. He purposely played the role of a villain (in the last book) to leave a scar in Kunitaka’s heart. He wanted Kunitaka to live in fear and to always remember that he would be after Kunitaka. That’s what he said but if we decipher his words, it literally means: “I want to bully him because I love him. Even if he is far away with another man, I still want him to remember me. So I hurt him just so he remembers that I’ll still be chasing after him even though I know I will never get him”. IZUMI SENSEI!!!! Please stop this poor guy’s misery and REWARD him with a wonderful lover PLEASE!!!! Now why is his story no longer on the ankett? Unfair T__T…

The rest of the cast’s performance is also wonderful! JunJun’s Michitaka is SO CUTE >v<… oh just when will the third CD come out? Recently I am short of a moaning JunJun (hides). Also, since they don’t have enough people, each of the subcast has to do other roles, like journalist, colleagues, or rivals. The changes in their voices are also very interesting. Recommend spotting those as well (but they’re extremely easy to spot).


For those people who don’t mind (1) SM … though it’s not filthy SM … actually it’s quite beautiful the way she described it… especially SM 100 years ago ^^;; (2) INCEST even though it’s not related by blood… but WORSE than related by blood IMO, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERIES. I guarantee you’ll grow to love most of the characters ^0^ and the setting is also VERY VERY INTERESTING!!! What’s better than Taisei Romance people! I highly recommend the drama CD. In fact, it’s one of the best MOVIC has released in years!! Music wise, scripting wise, acting wise, 120%!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I just listened to the drama, and I totally agree with you 120% XDD Is Movic going to release the third CD? and maybe a fourth?

  2. Thank youuu, I love this drama, Finally you’re back to reviewing BL drama. I was worried for both you and Kamiyan. I missed you both, and cannot enjoy BL drama without your review!

  3. >>Niingyou-chan,

    Sorry for the late reply 🙄 I’m not sure if MOVIC is going to release the third CD but judging from how the seiyuu is guessing about who’s going to be JunJun’s partner, there’s a high chance it’ll be and my wish is a JunJun x JunJun ^0^.

    >>Nanya luv luv-san,
    🙂 thanks for loving Nanya 😀
    Thanks for worrying about “us”. I’m still not quite back to my full gear of reviewing BLCD yet, not until I hear Kamiyan SPEAK again but I’m getting there and I’m starting to listen to new drama as well. My next goal is probably the debut of Kondou san (Black Cat), and I hope he won’t disappoint me.

  4. JunJunxJunJun!!lol. That sounds wrong… XD I saw the scans which you had uploaded previously of the thrid novel, I think JunJun should fit the image. Can’t wait!

  5. Hi, Nanya!
    Again, thank you so much for the detailed summary. I just got the drama CD.. OMG!!!!!! It seems Konitan and NojiKen indeed makes a perfect pairing. I’m totally addicted to Nejireta Edge these days, I can listened to it a couple of times a day and adoring very much their performances. I was rejoiced to find another KonitanxNojiken drama and Yogote is also enjoyable! NojiKen’s monologue never failed me to cry.. 🙂 But listening to 2-disked drama without a summary to guide is a pain, and I’m very glad to find you summarizing it! Thank you!

  6. >>Niingyou-san,
    Really? JunJun x JunJun sounds wrong? But then FJunJun was SJunJun’s first “lover”…:D it’s only reasonable they’ll reunite again

    I’m glad my summary is useful to you. My Japanese is limited so I may not be extremely accurate 🙄 Although Konitan and Nojiken pairing is no longer rare now, I still find Nejireta Edge the best 🙂 it maybe the characterization, the story, but that CD is still the two at their best 😀

  7. I think it’s Bara no Namae (if I remember correctly). The cast is Suwabe Junichi x Fukuyama Jun, but there is a small Miyata Kouki x Fukuyama Jun 😀 and Nojima Kenji is also in it but just a very tiny role…

  8. Nejireta Edge is indeed their best. I’ll ramble about it on Nejireta Edge page.. 🙂 Ooh, your Japanese is good, Nanya-san.. I wish I can read novels.. reading raw manga is already a pain for me (can’t read kanji, have to rewrite them on online dictionary). Your writings are also enjoyable to read.. 🙂

    As for Bara no Namae.. *giggle* this is one of my first BLCD. I was surprised when Miyatan topped FukuJun.. he’s scary!!

  9. Moccy-san,

    Miyatan’s seme is quite scary… once he’s in seme mode, he’s quite evil and very haraguro, like some Benkei…haha. Yeah, ramble on Nejireta Edge! I so love that manga!!

  10. I just wanted to thank you for the awesome, awesome, reviews and summary!! Unfortunately my japanese is quite bad (or nonexistence) so I can only understand half of what’s going on when I was listening to this drama. But, despite my lack of knowledge, I still fell in love with Kazutaka. His character just speaks out… his sadness, desperation, and his hatred. At the end, I was left loving his story.

    And your summary just filled the rest of the missing part for me! I love it! So thank you so much for the awesome post!

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