Cold Sleep, Light, & Fever

Author: Konohara Narise
Illustrator: Saikawa Nanao
Format: Novel

Usually I review book by book but since the Cold Series is actually one big story split into three parts, I decide to review all three books together. Since Digital Manga Publishing released an English version for Cold Sleep, I will not go into details for Sleep and concentrate more on Light & Fever. As usual, my summary is filled with SPOILERS so if you decide to wait for DMP to publish the rest of the series, then please do not read any further.

Please note that aside from the main story, there is also a side story with Kurokawa and Taniguchi. There are several parts to that story (Boku no suki na hito – recorded in Sleep, New Year Snow Light in Light, and an extra doujinshi titled “COLD…”. I won’t review that couple because they’re not related to this main plot (they’re interlinked because of the advertisement “Love & Hate” in Fever.


Cold Sleep

The story begins with Takahisa Tohru finding himself in the hospital with a feeling as if his brain had just been under a vacuum cleaner. This was because he had no memory of who he was, where he came from, and why he ended up in the hospital. The only person who took care of him was a man named Fujishima Keishi, a salary man who seemd to be a few years older than him. When he asked Fujishima what their relationship was, Fujishima simply said a friend. Since Tohru still could not figure out his environment as he was left without a clue of his past, he could only rely on his “friend”, Fujishima. Since he had very little savings and no where to live, he ended up living in Fujishima’s apartment. However, he did not want to burden Fujishima too much (though the latter did not seem to mind), he found a part-time job at a convenient store. There, he quickly became friends with his colleague Kusuda Masahiko. One day, when he went home, Fujishima gave him a camera as present and also asked Tohru if he would want to go to a school of photography. Tohru was puzzled as to why Fujishima would think he like photography. He also remembered Fujishima buying him magazines about photography when he was at hospital. Tohru did not particularly like or hate photography and so he did not want to go to the School of photography. Fujishima understood and the two then dropped the topic. Tohru wanted to know about his past and the only one who held the key was Fujishima. Yet, the latter did not seem to want to talk about the past (in fact, he was a very quiet person to begin with). After some efforts, he arrived at his old apartment and he also managed to talk to a co-worker in the transport company that he worked before the accident. Through his former colleague, he realized that he actually hit another person’s car in the accident and there was a lot of blood at the scene. Tohru was puzzled because from Fujishima, he heard that he hit his own car and only he was injured. After the talk about going to the school of photography, the relationship between Fujishima and Tohru froze a bit but gradually the relationship started progressing. As they continued to live together, Tohru also got to know Fujishima a little better. He knew Fujishima work very hard but he did not know what Fujishima liked. Then, he remembered Fujishima once bought chocolate and thought he might have a sweet tooth. He then got a cake for Fujishima and the latter really seemed happy! Since then, he would get strawberry tart for Fujishima and the two started to settle into a nicer life. One day, he noticed the cake shop where he would get sweets for Fujishima “Port” was looking for part-time worker. He then quit the part-time at the convenience store and went to work for the old couple at Port. The old man at Port had a bad temper but the couple treated Tohru really nicely and he felt comfortable working at Port. He also got on very well with Fujishima and his friend Kusuda. Unfortunately, the tragedy occurred one day when he was crossing the street with Fujishima. A woman shouted his name and ran across toward him. However, Fujishima came in between him and the woman and before he realized what happened, he found Fujishima bleeding badly. That woman actually stabbed Fujishima. Fujishima then told Tohru that he could have everything – his money and mansion (almost felt like he was saying his dying words). Fujishima was rushed to the hospital and somehow managed to survive. However, he said he injured himself with an umbrella and refused to mention anything about the woman with long hair or being stabbed. Tohru could not understand why Fujishima had to cover for the woman. He felt the woman might be aiming at him rather than Fujishima because she shouted his name first but Fujishima would not say anything. Tohru left rather angrily but then when he saw a woman asking to see Fujishima, he was curious. He followed the woman and eavesdropped their conversation. Then, he learned the horrible truth!! Fujishima was not covering for the woman, he was actually trying to protect him. The accident that caused Tohru to lose his memory, it actually also cost the life of the woman’s brother! However, Fujishima bribed the police so there would be no report of the accident and Tohru would not have to go to jail for his negligence because he was drunk when driving and caused the accident. The woman of course would not accept Tohru walking free after killing her brother. However, Fujishima tried his best and said he would do anything (including die) if she could only not go after Tohru because he wanted Tohru to be able to live his life happily THIS TIME. When the woman left the hospital, Tohru went after her and apologized to her, dropping his face as low as to almost touching the ground. He was sorry for the accident and he would do anything (including death) to pay back for his crime. The woman sighed and said all she would want now was for him NEVER to forget he KILLED her brother. With those words she left. Tohru then went back to Fujishima’s room, apologized for being loud just now and said he did not want to be by himself. He also told Fujishima he liked him and he then hugged Fujishima and almost started something more :p but Fujishima stopped him because the nurse came after hearing some strange sounds. Tohru then held Fujishima’s hand the whole night. Even though it was just a whisper, actually Fujishima also said he loved Tohru. Later, Tohru also went to the police to tell them he caused an accident half a year ago and killed another man in the accident but since there was no record, Tohru could not do anything. While Fujishima recovered enough to eat, Tohru would bring him sweets during his visits. Cold Sleep ended with Fujishima telling Tohru that the date he could be discharged from hospital was decided.

Cold Light

His mother was very possessive of him and when she found out he was interested in an idol on a magazine and would masturbate while thinking of the idol, she went mad with anger and would not allow him to think of lower-class women! Then one day, the most terrible disaster occurred. When his uncle (his mother’s older brother died), Fujishima already found it strange that he said he was his and his sister’s child. When he overheard an argument between his mother and father, he understood what his uncle meant when he said those words before he passed away. Since his father’s accident, he lost the ability to have sex. As his mother really wanted a child desperately, she decided to have one with her brother because she wanted to preserve the genes of her family. His mother was very proud of Nagi Ryuu and her own heritage, so proud she could not adopt a child to inherit her family. Her husband, on the other hand, felt disgusted of Fujishima because he was a child born from an incestrous relationship. He also despised his wife by saying that her father chose him, a disabled man, to take over the company because her brother was too useless (her brother was an invalid and had to spend a lot of time in bed). He also told her that he would be taking in a child to inherit the business after his death. His wife was so furious she said he would have better died in the accident. Fujishima then ran back to his room crying because he could now understand why his father was so cold to him. He was not his father’s child…something worse.

The child came as his father said but there was no one to greet the child. Fujishima felt sorry for the child, who was brought in to the family in order for his father to take revenge on his mother but there was little he could do. He could not disobey his mother as his mother was the absolute power in his life. Usually, the child called Takahisa Tohru, would be forbidden to the main house and had to live in a little lodge owned by his father. However, one night, Tohru sneaked into the house saying he wanted to meet father. Fujishima told him his father was already asleep and it’s better not to wake his father up. However, Tohru insisted he wanted to see father because he wanted to go back to his mother. He hated this place and he did not want to stay any longer. Fujishima then realized the horrible smell from Tohru and asked him when did he last have a bath. Tohru NEVER HAD A BATH for a very long time, since he arrived at the house in mid summer!! Fujishima could not believe it and secretly gave Tohru a bath. He also told Tohru that he would talk to his father the next morning. When he talked to his father (in secret when his mother was out as he feared his mother would know about him interfering in Tohru’s matter), his father told him that Tohru could not return to his mother because Tohru’s mother fled from her house, leaving Tohru behind. Tohru’s teacher gave his father, who was Tohru’s guardian (but not real biological father), a notice that Tohru suffered from severe malnutrition so he took him in. When Fujishima realized there was no where for Tohru to go, his heart sank. His father also told him he hated him because that reminded him of the disgusting incestrous act of his mother and he left. In the garden, he met little Tohru and cried, probably both for Tohru (who had no parent left) and himself (who was hated by his father). Tohru then comforted him saying he would be alright. Even if the person he liked said he hated him, he would be okay if they prayed and wished together.

Since then, Tohru and Fujishima got on very well and Tohru kept coming to Fujishima’s place despite Fujishima’s mother warning him not to have contact with Tohru. When one of the older maids found out about Torhu, she also kept quiet and helped clean Tohru’s place in secret. Fujishima would delay his bathtime so he could have bath with Tohru together. After a while, they became very good friends but Fujishima (already a high school student) also started to feel something “more” than just sibling love. He started to have SEXUAL DESIRES for Tohru (who was in 6th grade). He knew it was all very disgusting and he tried to control himself. Finally, one time, he could not resist himself and touched Tohru’s P**NIS. Tohru did not like the feeling and Fujishima apologized. HOWEVER, Fujishima’s mother soon found out about Tohru coming to visit Fujishima and she beat Tohru like mad. When Fujishima returned from school and saw his mother beating Tohru, he tried to stop her. She ORDERED him to go back to his own room with a hysteric voice. When Fujishima remembered the whipping 折檻 (sekkan) in middle school, he left even though Tohru kept screaming for his help. Tohru ended up being whipped horribly by his mother, almost to death. Actually Tohru’s ribs broke and punctured his lung. After Tohru barely survived from the whipping, the relationship between Tohru and Fujishima was never the same. Since then, Tohru rejected Fujishima because he betrayed Tohru and Fujishima’s father also sent Tohru to a boarding school. Fujishima only met Tohru five years later, when he was disciplined by his school after repeatedly using violence and sent home. By then, Fujishima already graduated from university and was working at his father’s company. Fujishima wanted to apologize to Tohru but he could not look into those COLD eyes. In the end, just two months before Tohru’s graduation, his father passed away. Tohru was pissed when no one informed him his father passed away. That’s because Tohru did not know he was not his real father. When Fujishima’s mother told Tohru that the father he thought was his father actually had no blood-relationship with him, Tohru was extremely angry. He then left Fujishima’s residence and vanished, forfeiting his inheritence.

When Fujishima woke up from flashback of his past, the Tohru in front of him was not the Tohru with those COLD eyes years ago. In fact, the Tohru was very loving and said he really liked Fujishima and would want to become lovers with Fujishima. Fujishima though rejected him. Tohru could not understand why if he liked Fujishima and Fujishima liked him, they could not be lovers. Fujishima said he could not fall in love with Tohru because if Tohru regained his memory, he would certainly abandon Fujishima. He did not want to remember being loved because that would be too painful when being abandoned. One day, Fujishima met the wife whom he divorced as soon as Tohru was involved in the accident. He married the woman because his mother asked him to marry but no matter how hard he tried, he could not “sleep” with the woman. After trying very hard, he finally had sex with the woman once and from that, he managed to give birth to a daughter. He was kind to his wife and daughter, to the extent his wife thought it would be okay even if they could not have sex at all. However, when Tohru had the accident and he had to sell his family’s business to gather money to bribe the police and reporters, he asked his wife for the divorce. His wife thought about it and agreed to the divorce. He still kept on sending money to support his wife and daughter after the divorce but his wife told him that she finally met another man who loved her and her daughter and he would not need to send her money any more. The wife also told Fujishima’s mother his whereabouts and Fujishima’s mother came. When she saw Tohru, she started calling him “devil” again but this time Fujishima stood by Tohru and drove his mother away. He tried to protect Tohru and that feelings overpowered him. In the end, Fujishima could not resist the loving and kind Tohru and in the fourth year after Tohru lost his memory, they finally became lovers. By then, Tohru actually left Port and went to a proper culinary school. Later, Tohru even went to work in a hotel and was about to go to Paris with Fujishima to polish his kills on baking cakes when the worst thing Fujishima could ever imagine …happened.

Cold Fever

Tohru regained his memory from six years ago!! The moment he regained his memory, he was already involved in a violence case and the police called Fujishima. Since Tohru was diagnosed to have memory problems (they even thought he had mental problems), the police let Fujishima (who was technically his ‘brother’) bring Tohru home. However, the Tohru who regained memory was no longer the nice and loving Tohru Fujishima knew in the past six years. He was the old Tohru who could not forgive Fujishima because the latter betrayed him years ago when he was still a child. Of course, Fujishima also knew this Tohru would not be kind to him so he stayed quiet again and did not tell Tohru much about the last six years, except for the fact that he was working in a restaurant in a hotel. Tohru of course quit the job because he could not bake any cake now. Fujishima asked him to talk to the owner of the restaurant that he wanted to quit but Tohru would not listen to him. Back to his original personality, Tohru was extremely violent, drank, and smoke, and was quite lost as to what to do. Before his accident, he was saving money so that he could go to a school of photography. However, even should he go now, he would be too late. Besides, he was also at a loss because it seemed all the people around him loved the Tohru whom he had no memory of. Frustrated, he had no way to vent his anger except at Fujishima. He continued to stay with Fujishima because he wanted to save money to go to the school of photography.

However, from the way people talked about him, he felt he had a woman. He tried to ask his “friend” Kusuda about the lover he had during all those years when he lost his memory but Kusuda told him to give up. Even if he met that woman, what’s the use if he could not remember loving her? Besides she made a deal with Tohru that their relationship would end when he regained his memory. Still, Tohru wanted to know WHO the woman was and he kept thinking and thinking about the issue. He tried to ask Fujishima but the latter would avoid him everytime he raised the question. Finally, Kusuda told him that he already met his lover many times but he just could not remember his lover. Tohru was really puzzled and life went on. One day, he went into Fujishima while the latter was out to put down a parcel for Fujishima. When he noticed the photography books on Fujishima’s bookcase, he was delighted that they shared the same interest. He found a few albums and when he accidentally knocked over some photos, he was shocked to find himself and Fujishima hugging together – naked. He then realized who the “lover” was. The one who liked sweets, the one who was kind, they were referring to “Fujishima”. He remembered the time when Fujishima touched his pe**s when he was still a child. He immediately thought Fujishima must have tricked him while he lost memory. When Fujishima returned, he started to use violence against Fujishima and forced Fujishima to have oral sex with him. That would later escalate into something worse.

One day, a woman came to visit when Fujishima was away. She said she came to return the money to Tohru. Tohru did not recognize the woman because he regained his original memory and lost the memory of the past six years. The woman was angry and said it was really convenient for him to keep losing his memory. She then told him again of how he murdered her brother in the accident, how he kept sending her money (1 million yen each year) in the past six years as apology. She said they would not let him relieve his guilt with money and so came to return it. Tohru of course said if he killed her brother, then the police should have caught him but she said Fujishima used money to bribe the police and reporters. Also, she told him she tried to kill him by stabbing him but Fujishima defended him and got injured instead. Tohru then went mad because he did not know what to think, what to feel. The woman then left and Tohru wanted to contact Fujishima but Fujishima did not come home. From Kusuda, he learned of Fujishima’s phone number and rang Fujishima. Actually Fujishima went on a company’s field trip to Ito and would only come back the next day. He said he left a note for Tohru. When Fujishima came back from his trip, Tohru quickly searched his body and found the scar, proving what the woman said was true. He was so confused with his own emotions he beat the heck out of Fujishima. Two months from that horrible day, Fujishima suddenly asked if they should split and live independently. He promised he would continue to support Tohru financially but he felt it was not necessary for the two to live together anymore. Tohru was confused why Fujishima would want to chuck him out of the house at such a time. If he wanted, he should have chucked him out earlier, when he was beating and raping him. Then he remembered the fact that Fujishima saw him with a female colleague the previous night (not sex or anything, just the woman forced him to be with other colleagues once in a while), he thought Fujishima was jealous and then again he forced Fujishima to have sex. Fujishima resisted and it was then when he realized that all along, Fujishima was kind to him not because he liked him. In Fujishima’s eyes, there was only the Tohru whom he had no knowledge or memory of. Everyone kept talking about the Tohru in the six years when he lost memory…everyone only liked the Tohru then and he felt there was no need for his existence. The only one who never kept talking about “that Tohru” was Fujishima. Yet, he realized even Fujishima only loved that Tohru. He was completely unwanted. Why then did he have to regain his memory. He was so angry he threw away Fujishima’s photos when Fujishima went to work. That evening, Fujishima came to Tohru’s shop where he was working part-time to ask him for the photos. Fujishima even knelt before him to beg him for the photos but he said he threw them away. He made lots of mistakes at work and finally, he asked to leave early because he was not feeling well. When he went home, Fujishima did not come home. He went out to look for Fujishima and found him on a bench in the little park nearby. Fujishima did not want to go home with Tohru. Again, Tohru could not control his emotions and anger because he felt this Tohru right here was not needed. He then violently raped Fujishima who shouted “Help me…help me…Tohru”. He was so stunned to hear Fujishima shouting at him for help when he was the one Fujishima was trying to escape from. When he stopped because of awe, Fujishima escaped. He went away, without saying “let’s return” or “let’s return together”. Tohru went completely mad and continued screaming and screaming. He then chased after Fujishima and hugged him from behind. He tried to stop Fujishima from going because he did not want to be left alone. He said he would not use violence at Fujishima anymore. He would not force him to have sex anymore, he would even mimic the Tohru in the last six years so don’t leave him alone. However Fujishima just kept shaking his head. Tohru then took the tie from Fujishima and try to strangle himself. Once, twice, for six consecutive times he tried but failed. Finally, when he tried the seventh time, Fujishima took the tie from him. He thought Fujishima was going to kill him so he closed his eyes and was prepared for death but Fujishima took away the tie and touched his face instead. He then bursted out in tears and kept asking Fujishima not to leave him. Fujishima then repeatedly reassured him that he wouldn’t.

In the last story “Last Fever”, we saw Tohru and Fujishima’s new relationship. Since that night, Tohru refrained from beating Fujishima and became more gentle. He also insisted to be by Fujishima’s side as much as possible, almost like a child sticking to his mother. That was only in the beginning, gradually with his own schedule at work, he returned to a more normal relationship with Fujishima. However, by forcing Fujishima to have sex with him in weird places (like at the door of the bathroom), he caused Fujishima to have a fever. After that, he would not do anything stupid. Also, one night, he told Fujishima not to buy dinner. He started cooking dinner again for Fujishima! Although it was not as good as during the time when he lost his memory, with practice, he became better. One night when Fujishima returned home, he did not find Tohru anywhere. He knocked on the door but Tohru screamed at him and told him not to go in. For a while, Tohru did not scream at him and he was a bit scared but worried as well. When he finally opened the door, he found Tohru down with flu. Tohru screamed at him to go away because he did not want Fujishima to catch the flu but Fujishima would not listen. He even said he would wear nothing if Tohru insisted him to go away. Tohru had no choice but to let Fujishima care for him. Fujishima could not help but find it strange that he would repeatedly fall in love with the same man over and over again. Sometime past and Tohru started to take pictures of Fujishima (naked). Fujishima at first felt uncomfortable but Tohru said he would not show them to anyone, just for himself. When Tohru started going to the school of photography, he had problems taking pictures of human beings because his photos were TOO FLAT. However, the pictures he took of Fujishima was very beautiful, to the extent that when he accidentally showed Kusada the picture, the latter begged him to allow him to use it on the poster for advertising the accessory brand he and his brother set up – CRUX. The title of the poster was Love & Hate. Tohru IMMEDIATELY REJECTED so Kusada turned to Fujishima for help. Fujishima said if they wouldn’t show the face, it would be okay but Tohru refused (because the pictures he took of Fujishima was HIS and HIS only!) After some persuasion, Fujishima made Tohru agree and that poster became extremely famous!

Love & Hate, that summarizes the whole plot of the Cold Series. It’s really hard to write a critique for this series because there’s so much power and mixed emotions, especially in Tohru. In both “Sleep” and “Fever”, we look at the situation from Tohru’s point of view but in “Light”, we look at it from Fujishima’s POV. This is a very clever way of writing because in every case, Konohara tries to present the view in way that will make the reader least angry ^_^;; This is a trademark of Konohara’s writing…she likes to write ANGST but then she always writes from the viewpoint of the person who’s more at fault (seemingly). This was the case in “Kataomi”, “Nugenai Otoko”, and again the case in here. If we try to look at the past from Tohru’s view point, I probably will cry at all the abuse he got when he was a child. From being abandoned, malnutrition to being betrayed, and finally being nearly whipped to death, it’s just too much for a 12 year-old child. Same goes for Fever…if we are to look at it from Fujishima’s POV, there’s no way we can accept the last ending when they’re together! That’s the first thing I like about this series. The second thing I like is the parallels between the current and the past. The first parallel was the scene when Fujishima cried after hearing his father told him to leave and did not want to see his face. Then, Tohru comforted him. Years later, when he cried again after meeting his mother, Tohru again comforted him. It’s just as Fujishima said, he kept falling in love with the same man over and over again despite the change in the circumstances. The root and heart of this series was that even though Tohru changed in terms of personality because of the loss of memory, the deep-rooted bonding between Tohru and Fujishima never changed. It took different shapes (sometimes it was love, other times it was hate), but the strong bond between them always remained. Another part where the future replicated the past was Tohru’s jealousy of himself. When Tohru first lost memory and Fujishima refused to become his lover, he was jealous of his old self because he thought Fujishima loved his old self. When he regained memory, he again was jealous of himself because he was not loved by the people around him – only his other self was. It’s sad to say that as long as it’s someone who’s alive, there’s always a chance to beat that rival. However, if the rival’s already dead, there’s no way to fight and have a clear victory as there’s no way to even battle. I remember this from Maison Ikoku (the old shoujo classic by Takahashi Rumiko). This is just another version of it. If you’re interested in this kind of story (being jealous with your other self), I recommend a few similar works: for non-BL, read Nana 6/17 (manga). For BL, there’s G-senjou no Neko (Miyagi Tooko) and Synapse no Hitsugi (Katoh Elena). <br><br>In terms of writing, as usual, Konohara’s writing is very easy to read. Her writing is always easy to understand and straight to the point. This barebone style of writing allows the readers to focus all the time on the plot and the relationships of the characters. It’s a very difficult form of writing because she doesn’t waste words describing the environment and so if her plot is weak, everything breaks down. That’s why Konohara is magic because a story that would have broken down other authors’ hands, it somehow still shine when it’s Konohara who writes it (laugh).


From many reviews I have read, many people seem to say “the REAL Tohru is SCARY”. I cannot deny the fact that Tohru (with memory of the past) IS SCARY. Fundamentally, Tohru is a very nice and gentle person and the Tohru without memory of the past was what Tohru would have become if he had a normal childhood. He would be nice, sweet, gentle. He would be able to fall in love and would be loved by everyone else. Unfortunately, the fact that he had a mother (who was a prostitute and abandoned him), the fact that he was abused when he was a child – psychologically, sexually (a little by Fujishima ^_^;;), and physically, he changed into the violent Tohru who killed by drunk driving and who abused Fujishima in “Fever”. I wouldn’t say I pity “Tohru” though I could understand why he turned to violence. When he was at boarding school, he actually was beaten very badly by his classmates and those beatings made him resort to violence to defend himself as there was no one else to defend him. The only person he ever trusted betrayed him, leaving him to be whipped to death (almost). Frankly speaking, considering the “injury” Tohru got from Fujishima because of the betrayal, his violence later toward Fujishima suddenly also became understandable. Ironically, even when he was betrayed by Fujishima, in the end of the day, he still loved Fujishima. He still could not help but want Fujishima to be by his side. The more he loved, the more he hated. Frankly, I love Tohru more than Fujishima. This was not the case when I read the Cold Series years ago but it certainly is now and I’ll explain more when I discuss about Fujishima.

For the first time when I read Cold Series years ago, I really pitied Fujishima. At first glance, he almost seemed saintly and all the stuff he did for Tohru, ahhh, I just wanted to punch Tohru while flipping every page in Fever. However, after I read Tachibana Venio’s <a href=”″>”Love~Sakuraoka Private Dormitory”</a>, I changed my mind. It’s just as Matsushima said in that novel, if you can’t save the kitty, why let him remember warmth? It’s better to not offer ANY kindness than to haphazardly offer kindness you can’t afford because in the end, that will hurt more. If we consider the situation more objectively, had Fujishima never showed his kindness to Tohru that night and just let Tohru talk to his father, maybe they would have sent Tohru to a boarding school earlier. Then, Tohru would not have been beaten by his mother and would not have to be betrayed by Fujishima. If Fujishima wanted to show kindness to Tohru, then he should have saved him when he his mother was using Sekkan at Tohru! He had the power to stop his mother but since he thought of himself more than Tohru, he lost his chance. To come to think of it, he would sell everything to erase Tohru’s crime, he would cover for Tohru when the woman came to stab Tohru, he would endure Tohru’s ridiculous requests and phyiscal abuse later, it was all out of guilt. He was sorry for betraying and abandoning Tohru then and he wanted to help to relieve his guilt (also partly because he sexually harrassed Tohru). To be honest, when Fujishima tried to protect Tohru by bribing the police and reporters, I’m not sure he was saving Tohru or hurting Tohru even more. Whether it was the Tohru without past memory or with past memory, he still thought it would be natural for him to go to jail for causing the accident. Both Tohru felt “guilt” for the accident. By erasing the traces of Tohru’s crime, Fujishima also took away the chance for Tohru to repent for his crimes, making Tohru bearing the guilt for negligent homicide for the rest of his life. I don’t dislike Fujishima (though I sounded I do from my review ^_^;;) … I just can’t agree with his actions. Same as I can’t agree Tohru’s treatment of him in Fever. I do pity both of them because both of them are merely victims. The real CRIMINALS who destroyed BOTH THEIR LIVES were their parents. I really hate the parents and the two deserve to go to hell more than anyone in the COLD Series!! Luckily, they’re fictional characters.


I’m not sure if my review or summary is useful (there maybe mistakes as usual because I read rather quickly…and three novels in one go!). If you find mistakes, please let me know, especially after people read the English version. I like this series very much and I think it’s one of the best in terms of memory loss. I like the balance in sweetness and the angst. I wish they will publish a new version soon (because BIBLOS went bankrupt) and I hope Konohara sensei would include some new cuts in the new version. It’s great to see this series being published in English. I think DMP made a brilliant choice and I hope you agree with me!


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