Author: Suzuki Tsuta
Format: Manga

This is the debut work of Suzuki Tsuta and actually earned quite a good wave of reviews among Japanese fans. I personally like her simple and minimalistic artwork (without the elegance of many mainstream BL artists) and she’s definitely on my “to-watch-out” mangaka list. There are altogether 5 stories:


hand which

At college, five guys were good friends: Sawatsu, Udaka, Kuroshima, Takada, and Shimizu. When Sawatsu gave up his job because it was too tiring, his girlfriend dumped him. His friends then came to comfort him and he was so touched he said it would good if he just became homo. The next thing he realized, he was sleeping next to his best friend – Udaka … NAKED!!

Shake a hand

When Udaka and Sawatsu became lovers, Kuroshima, who knew of Udaka’s feelings for Sawatsu since college was upset because he always liked Udaka but never confessed. At this time, his other friend Takada realized how depressed Kuroshima was and offered his own body to console him. However, that complicated rather than simplified matter :D.

Shoumi na Kokoro & Shoumi na Kotoba

This is my favorite of all the short stories because my father is AS PICKY in terms of food as the uke Tsuzuki (laugh…I’m also very picky myself). He doesn’t like to eat a lot of things but he did not really tell his wife and so his wife thought he did not like her and the marriage broke down. One day, he went to buy food for a poor catty from a nearby take-away and the owner of the take-away Chikuba invited him to eat at his shop but he said he was very picky with food. Chikuba said he would try his best to cook something that Tsuzuki could eat. Eventually, the two fell in love along the way but Tsuzuki was afraid of his own feelings and so he tried not to eat Chikuba. Chikubathen chased Tsuzuki to his office and the two confessed and ..#$&*. Shoumi na Kotoba is the aftermath of the two… Tsuzuki promised Chikuba for a date but he ended up working and Takeuma was upset… so Tsuzuki gave Chikuba a special service ^////^.

Osewa ni narimasu

This is the most stupid of all five stories x_x. Aono came to work for Iwata, an illustrator who had a terrible temperament and no servant could really work for him for long except Aono. That’s because Aono fell in love with Iwata and would not mind being scolded or even beaten. However, when Iwata wanted to $&*~ Aono, the two got into a misunderstanding and Aono decided to quit. Just when he was about to leave, Iwada came looking for him and the two then confessed and really #$&*. ^_^;;

Force within 10 meters, and 8 meters above the line

This is the cutest of the five stories. Hideaki is a normal kid in his late teens (?) who returned to his home in the rural side after graduation. Next door was a terribly old and rotten house (almost like a haunted house). When his mother accidentally dropped her panties in the garden of their neighbor, she asked Hideaki to go pick it up but when Hideaki visited the place, he saw its residence having sex (both males of course). Hideaki was so embarrassed he rushed back. The neighbor Bunzou then came bringing back the panty ^_^;; and from then on Hideaki got interested in Bunzou. He later learned that Bunzou’s work was to create homepage featuring photography of bishounen (and sleeping with them along the way (^_^;;) … This is basically a story about the two meet and falling in love.. very typical romance.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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