Author: Rio Kanagi  / Illustrator: Kugo / Format: BLCD
H-level: 1 /5 / Plot: 3 /5 / Artwork: 4/5 / Characterization: 4/5 / Overall: 4/6

Yesterday I was disappointed by the drama Chocolate no you ni, but this drama totally cured me! The story is not particularly fantastic but the pacing, acting, characterization are so well balanced that once you start listening, you simply can’t stop!!


The story begins with an AV scene (female ?), after which we are introduced to Tokisaka Ei uke.gif(??? Nojima Kenji).  Ei is a descendent of a yakuza family but when his father passed away, he gave up being a yakuza and opened a tiny restaurant instead.  Most of the members of his yakuza group seeked jobs elsewhere but Tsuda ????(??? Yusa Kouji) chooses to stay with him at the restaurant.  Ei has a childhood aquaintance, Higa Soujun (???Sugita Tomokazu) who is also the son of a yakuza group and has now become the leader.   Soujun likes Ei (and so does Tsuda) but Ei doesn’t recognize that.  One day, two yakuza-like guys came to Ei’s store to cause trouble.  Soujun kick them out and Ei learn that the guys belong to a group called Xanos.  Then Ei’s tricked by Soujun  to work part time at a host club and there saw Ryou (??? Suzuki Tatsuhisa), his younger brother selling drugs to a woman.  Soujun seems to know something about Xanos and after some investigations, it seems Ryou is the leader to this newly formed mob Xanos.  Ei wanted to help Ryou because he knows Ryou doesn’t want to be yakuza but a doctor.  Yet, it seems Ryou is gutted by Ei disbanding the yakuza group.  Then one night, Soujun came to Ei’s place covered in blood.  He was stabbed by Ryou and Ei is really worried.  So Ei went to confront Ryou. In the end, Ei is all love-love with Soujun and Ryou also joins Soujun’s yakuza group.

If you just read my review, you may find the story interesting but if you actually listen to the drama CD, the story is amazingly fascinating because it moves so fast.  Scenes shift quickly and there are also moe points along the way.  Of course, the biggest moe point is Nojima Kenji’s ex-yakuza deep voice.  I only know the cute side of Kenji and I’m pleasantly surprised by his deeper and rougher tone. ??? The way he pronounces the word is also very cute and though it doesn’t match the artwork (on the cover because the uke is the short haired guy), I must say his acting is superb!????? Ei’s tsundere personality is also a mega moe point and the signature of a tsundere uke.gif is “kawaii to iuu na!” (don’t say I’m cute) ?? but he’s really cute??!!! Sugita’s Soujun is also sexy and cool but when he’s in front of Ei, he’s also cute! Ahh, what’s with this couple! They’re both manlike and very powerful but they can be so cute!!! Yusa’s Tsuda is also a funny character who adores his waka Ei but got defeated by Soujun.??? Finally, two days in a row, I listen to Tatsuhisa’s bad boy voice.  Well, unlike his role in Chocolate no you ni, this time, he is a bad boy with a good heart and a brother complex.  Obviously he likes Ei and is disappointed by the fact that Ei disbanded the yakuza group and descends from a powerful leader to the owner of a small restaurant.  He hoped his brother would be a great man.  Also, he mistook his mother from being kicked out of the family.  Instead, she left at her own will so Ryou won’t have to stay in a yakuza family.  There’s a spin off featuring Ryou’s romance and probably one day, that will get dramatized too! Maybe we need to send ????? to ask Cyberphase to do that.

I recommend this CD for those who like speedy stories and of course, it is a MUST LISTEN for Kenji fans because his acting is so fresh and good in this drama CD.???? The BGM is also OK and so my only complaint is that sometimes, it’s difficult to differentiate between monologue and dialogue, especially of Ei.  Had the sound effect been more different between BGM and monologues, it would be even better! ??

Kono ai wo kurae!


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