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Author: Rio Kanagi  / Illustrator: Kugo / Format: BLCD
H-level: 1 /5 / Plot: 3 /5 / Artwork: 4/5 / Characterization: 4/5 / Overall: 4/6

Yesterday I was disappointed by the drama Chocolate no you ni, but this drama totally cured me! The story is not particularly fantastic but the pacing, acting, characterization are so well balanced that once you start listening, you simply can’t stop!!

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Kono ai wo kurae!

Sayonara wo iiuki wa nai

Author: Aida Saki
Illustrator: Kitahata Akeno
Format: Novel, Blcd

This novel opened with “My sweet honey” and I almost fell off the chair from laughing. Normally, it’s not surprising if you hear a man saying this to a woman but when it’s a guy saying that to another guy, especially someone nearly a decade older, it’s REALLY. As usual, my summaries contain heavy spoilers and so from now on I’ll provide a quick summary for those who’re just browsing for what to buy and the full summary for those who want to use the reviews for understanding the plot in BLCDs or raw manga.

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Yasashiku Koroshite, Boku no kokoro wo


"That’s right (I’m a gigilo), So what. It’s not like I lose anything (sleeping with people) so it’s okay".
"You do lose something because there is a limit to the number of times you can have sex in one’s life ignoring individual differences for now. As such, it’s better to have as much sex you can enjoy as possible." (P. 26)

He is an orphan whose only weapon in this world is his beautiful face. He is smart and courageous, strong and deadly. He is Kanzaki Nao. They met on the street soon after Nao was stabbed by his former lover Oogaki. The man who appeared before Nao when he was struggling to live with all his strength was Murou Ryouichi. He was not the average salaryman because he didn’t even raise an eyebrow when he saw Nao’s wound. Nao asked for help but the man did not help him right away for nothing. Although he said Nao’s beautiful face would lose half of the value if he would kiss him right away, he still demanded a kiss from Nao as the price for helping him. They kissed and not long after, Nao collapsed. When he woke up again, he found himself in a clinic. His wound was already well bandaged and the doctor who took care of him was Odagiri Yuuya. Odagiri is beautiful even behind those glasses that seem to see through everything. Odagiri then told Nao that though he bled quite profusely, his wound was not deep and they should heal in a fortnight. Odagiri then asked Nao for his insurance card. When he learned Nao did not have insurance, he was troubled as he was not running a free service. In fact, he was not in the regular health system for he really was a yakuza doctor. He obtained medicine through special channels and that’s why attending that wound would cost Nao 1.5 million yen. Naturally, Nao could not afford the bill and he could think of nothing else but escaping from the clinic. That seemed impossible too as it was controlled by the yakuza and since they knew that beautiful face, they would easily find and murder him. It was then when Murou, who never came to visit Nao during the time when he was recovering at the clinic came and offered Nao a deal. If Nao would work for him for two months, he would pay for Nao’s medical bill. The work was simple. All Nao had to do was to become the friend of Ichinose Sui, the older son of the Ichinose gumi. He was born an invalid and had to stay in bed all the time. Hence the inheritence of Ichinose gumi was left to his younger twin brother (Ichinose Hibiki). Nao agreed and created an agreement that he would owe Murou nothing should he complete the work. In the meantime, he would live in Murou’s apartment but Murou made it clear that he was not interested in kids like Nao and so for the first time in his life, Nao got to work without using his BODY.

When Nao met Sui for the first time, he found a quiet, weak but elegant young man whose image would be 10,000 miles away from the word "yakuza". Contrary to Sui, his overprotective brother Hibiki was strong, wild, and charismatic. When it’s about Sui, Hibiki would become very anxious and he would not let anyone hurt his brother in anyway. Nao therefore not only had to win over Sui’s trust (which he soon did) but also Hibiki’s and that’s the hard part. As Nao stayed with Sui, he started to learn more about the Ichinose family and the relationships within the Ichinose gumi. Basically, Hibiki was the prime candidate to take over Ichinose gumi in the future. However, Hibiki was young and the person who helped his father to govern the gumi was the leader Akutsu. After Akutsu, the third candidate was Hibiki and Sui’s childhood friend Murou. Murou was an orphan too as his parents left him and he was picked up and raised by the old Ichinose to assist his sons in the future. While Hibiki was charismatic but fierce, Murou was more controlled and mature. Things seemed to sail smoothly until one day, when Nao asked Sui what he wanted to do on Christmas Eve, Sui said he would like to meet a person. He saved him once on the streets and since then they exchanged mails through cell phone and the man would lend him DVDs and books. Unfortunately that person was busy and so it was hard to meet him. Nao asked Sui who the person was and Sui said Tachibana, a policeman who dealt with juvenile delinquents. This shocked Nao to death because Tachibana was the police officer who kept an eye on him and gave him counselling not long ago when he was a minor selling himself. Tachibana was the typical nice guy but hot-blooded hero, the type Nao hated the most. Still, since Sui really wanted to meet Tachibana (and obviously would not be able to do it openly as he was from a yakuza family and Tachibana was a police), Nao decided to help Sui fulfill his wish but both Murou and Odagiri smelt something fishy about Nao and so they kept an eye on Nao. Naturally things did not go as Nao and Sui wanted because (a) Hibiki found out and nearly killed Nao on the first try ^^;; (b) on the second attempt Tachibana was shocked to find out Sui was from a yakuza family, and (b) on Christmas eve, someone tried to kill Sui. Luckily, Murou was with Sui at the moment and protected him. However, he got injured instead and when Sui called Nao to tell him about Murou’s injury, Nao paniced and rushed to Murou and Sui’s place. At that time, something changed and Nao knew what changed – his heart. For the first time, he realized he was in love. That night, Odagiri invited Murou and Nao to the Christmas eve party but they did not go. Instead, Murou asked Nao to go into his room (for the first time since the two had been living together) and there, Murou gave Nao a Christmas present – which was a lovely coat as the weather was getting cold. Nao was touched by the action and he spoke out what was in his heart and on his mind – the fact that he loved Murou. That night, for the first time in his life, Nao slept not for money but for love.

That was the only time the two got so close to each other. When they woke up, things quickly returned to the old equilibrium. As usual, Murou was busy and since Sui got a fever after the failed date with Tachibana, Nao did not have to spend time with Sui. So he went to find Odagiri, who seemed to know all about Murou and Nao’s relationship as he had eyes that could peep right into people’s hearts (laugh). Since Nao agreed to work and he couldn’t because Sui was ill, he decided to work for Odagiri instead. Odagiri himself was a mystery as he obviously was a brilliant doctor but with his skills, he never got a medical license. Why did he never get a license? Why would he choose to work for yakuza instead of normal people? These were all puzzling but Nao did not have a chance to find answers to these questions. When he visited Sui who seemed to feel better, he still wanted to help Sui. Last time, the date between Sui and Tachibana did not go well because of the shooting incident and the sudden revelation. In fact, they left so suddenly that his cell phone got switched with Tachibana (and because of that, he was using Murou’s cellphone for the time being). Tachibana wanted to exchange back the cell phone and Nao also wanted to seize this opportunity to allow Sui and Tachibana to meet and talk again. He knew Sui’s feelings for Tachibana were real and he wanted to grant Sui’s wish to be with Tachibana. He arranged to meet Tachibana on New Year’s Eve to exchange the cell phone. Unfortunately, Nao did not know that on New Year’s day, the new leader to Ichinose gumi would be selected. Consequently, when he was on his way with Sui to meet Tachibana, they were kidnapped!! Luckily, Nao knew where they were imprisoned because he used to visit deserted facilities with his former client Oogaki. When the two were thrown into the empty warehouse, they were lucky that the cellphone was near and they managed to reach Odagiri to let him know their location. Odagiri drugged Hibiki as he knew he would lose self-control since Sui was kidnapped and they could not afford to let Hibiki be in danger. Murou then went with the anxious Tachibana who was worried as Sui did not show up at the time at the place they agreed on. While Murou and Tachibana were on their way, it was getting cold and the guards were frustrated at Nao and Sui and so they wanted to use violence but Nao protected Sui all through. Finally, Murou and Tachibana showed up and rescued Nao and Sui. They also arrested Akutsu who plotted the kidnapping of Sui in order to threaten Hibiki to drop out from the competition to be the kumi’s leader. Soon after Murou rescued Nao, the latter was upset because he dirtied the coat which Murou just gave him as a present. Murou said it was okay and he would buy as many more as Nao wished in the future.

When it was all over, Murou told Nao he could leave the next day. Nao said he only worked for a month instead of the two months they originally agreed on. Murou said since Sui now had Tachibana, Nao was not necessary anymore. Nao was upset because he just found a "home" where he could return to. Even though he knew this home would simply be a short dream, it still hurt him to come to terms that the dream had arrived at an end and he had to wake up to go back to his original world. He then told Murou that he had just one more favor to ask – he wanted to sleep with Murou once more so that even if they should never meet again in the future, at least he would not forget Murou’s warmth. Murou agreed and when it was morning, Nao left quietly before Murou woke up. When he was thinking about what to do to make a living now that his only weapon (his face) was slighty scarred from the injuries he incurred while protecting Sui, he met Oogaki again. However, Oogaki was not dangerous anymore. Instead he was glad that Nao survived his stabbing and he wanted to apologize to Nao. Nao forgave Oogaki and when the latter left, he was shocked to hear Murou’s voice from behind. Murou asked why Nao left secretly and Nao was puzzled at the question because all the transactions between the two had been settled and there was no reason for Murou to look for him again. Murou however told Nao that not "everything" had been settled. He still had a promise to Nao that he did not fulfill yet – the promise that he would buy as many coats in the future as Nao needed. Murou then confessed that he did not want Nao to be by his side because the sole purpose of his life was to protect and support Hibiki to become the leader of the Ichinose Gumi. However, since he met Nao, things all changed and he found a new meaning in his life. At the same time, he was also worried that he would hurt Nao because in just one month, Nao already got injured twice. Nao was very delighted to hear the confession from Murou (alas) and he took the responsibility of waking Murou up so early 🙂 and the two returned to bed so that the wish could be filled.

What’s the wish?
… Please kill my heart gently…

Esu -Kamiato-


Although I talked about this novel here and there some time ago, I have not written a review about it yet. So, I’ll write one before the CD and the new novel comes out next month. I already preordered them because I’m curious as to what Cyberphase will sell in their preorder bonus package. I’ll probably combine the novel and CD review (unless they made big changes to the plot) so I just put the seiyuu names here for reference purposes. Before I proceed, I must issue a warning. If you read BL for relaxation, please STAY AWAY from this novel or drama. This is a TRAGEDY!! There is no happy end … but happy endings only exist in fairy tales…

In the first novel, we saw how Shiba Masaki (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) successfully made the young strategist of Matsukura gumi, Munechika Keigo (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) his S (for spy). The two got closer physically in the end of the first novel but psychologically, there are still many barriers existing. Most important of all, Shiba is still uncertain as to what is the most accurate way to treat his S. Just as Munechika says, when Shiba is in bed, he’s more irropoi than a prostitute. However, once it’s over, he returns to his cold self and there is never any follow up – no warm words, nothing from Shiba. This happens because Shiba logically understands that he cannot fall in love with his S. In fact, he must treat the relationship as a business transaction. However, deeper inside, his feelings for Munechika and once he is overpowered by these feelings, he loses control and feels he might be subtly changed by Munechika. His own unrest scares him and stimulates him to create a pseudo-distance between Munechika and himself. Just when he was puzzled, he received a new order from headquarters. Instead of his routine investigation, he is designated to cooperate with Nagakura (CV: Kuroda Takaya) to investigate Ikkoukai’s armory. His task is to contact Nagakura’s S Takanashi Mao (20) (CV: Takeuchi Ken). Takanashi is the lover of Ikkoukai’s leader Kumegi Yukihiko (CV: ?) and he uses that position to supply information to Nagakura. Nagakura treats his S quite "roughly" and Takanashi also seems to want to find the location of the arsenal quickly so that he can escape from Nagakura. As Shiba maintains contact with Takanashi and gradually barges into the world between Nagakura and Takanashi, he soon finds reality is far from what it seems. Also in that world, he soon finds the answer to his troubles.

The truth is that Nagakura did not purely investigate the Ikkoukai arsenal because that is also part of his job. He really wanted to investigate because Kumegi TOOK AWAY the happiness of both his Spies and the love of his life. Nagakura made the TRAGIC mistake of falling in love with both his S very deeply. Owing to that, his first S was raped (by several men), shamed, tortured, and murdered by Kumegi and his men. Then, when he came into contact during an investigation and met Takanashi, he made the same mistake again. Although his attitude toward Takanashi appeared to be harsh and uncaring, he really loved him very much. The same goes for Takanashi. He acted as if he wanted to leave Nagakura when he talked to Shiba in the beginning about the armory. The truth is exactly the opposite. He was AFRAID Nagakura would LEAVE him when he learned the location of the armory. So, he did not tell Nagakura even though he knew the location. He hid the fact out of love but his action ended up guiding Nagakura to his death. When Nagakura tried to find the arsenal by himself, he also saw the opportunity to kill Kumegi. That one instant, he made the decision. He fired, he committed murder, and had to flee. On the other hand, Munechika also felt Shiba was trying to create distance between the two of them. It was Shiba who first said he wanted him to be his S, it was him who said he would use his body as bait, yet to the very end, it was also Shiba who wanted to run and run away from Munechika. Angered by Shiba’s betrayal, Munechika used all his means to violate Shiba’s body. From taking away his freedom to hitting him to raping him, his violence left Shiba covered with wounds the next morning. When Shiba stared into the mirror, all he could see was the reflection of a a man who was torn completely apart – both physically and psychologically. While Nagakura was on the run, he contacted Shiba and he told Shiba about his love for Takanashi but he also liked Shiba and probably would have fallen in love with Shiba had he met him earlier. Just before he parted with Shiba, he gave him a long deep kiss. His kiss was SO POWERFUL that he left Shiba bleeding. He then continued his search for the arsenal. When the two arrived at the isolated place they believed to be the armory, Nagakura asked Shiba for a favor – to seize the armory. Then, before Shiba could take further action, he was murdered in front of Shiba and died in Shiba’s arms. That was the price he chose to pay for falling in love with both of his S.

Shiba then went to find Munechika, who was quite surprised that the very man he just injured, tortured, and shamed so much the other day would actively seek for him. He gave Shiba a chance to leave but Shiba chose to stay. Munechika then told Shiba that once he made his decision, he would set himself on a path of no return. Shiba understood but still chose to be with Munechika. The two then had sex again but this time, it was not violent at all. This is because Shiba no longer rejects Munechika. On the very contrary, he opens his heart to Munechika, he lets out his voice, and he lets himself baske in the warmth of human emotions. Although Nagakura vanished from this world forever, the bitmark he gave Shiba would remain till the end of Shiba’s time. His death also made Shiba face the destiny he chose boldly and gave him the courage to recite to Munechika the very vow he made the first time Munechika became his Esu. From now on, he would not find himself lost again. There might not be romantic love between them (not yet), but certainly there is a strong affinity between the two men – a bond so strong that even when relationships held together by "generic love" break, that bond will still hold. For Shiba, a cool beauty who has always kept his distance with other people, this is his first experience of being so tightly connected to another human being. For Munechika though, he has already experienced such a strong emotion long ago…but that is another story.



This book is by Takaoka Mizumi and many BL fans might know her for the "Kawaii Hito series" and the "Itsuka jyanai series". This is one her latest series that is going to be dramatized in January.

On a rainy day and driven by reckless impulsivity, the 17-year old Yugi Kazutaka ran away from his family. His father was the owner of a chain restaurant and his new stepmother was a horrible woman who had affiliations with yakuza and dared to extend her claws shamlessly to the young and beautiful Kazutaka. Lonely and hungry, Kazutaka was walking aimlessly in the rain with just some bread and a bottle of mineral water. A man with a flower-pattern umbrella asked him what he was doing, dancing in the rain (and thanks to Sassa sensei, this picture of Kazutaka is STUNNING!). The man then invited Kazutaka to his house and despite sensing this would be a dangerous move, Kazutaka followed the man to a gigantic mansion. This definitely wouldn’t be a place a normal salaryman could afford and Kazutaka had many questions about the sullen and quiet man who referred to himself as Kudou. That night, Kazutaka had a shower and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found Kudou had thrown away his bread, his clothes (with money inside), and his water and there was no sign of him in the house. He opened the fridge and aside from beer, it was blatantly EMPTY! He was mad with hunger but all he could do was to huddle on the sofa and waited for Kudou to come back. When Kudou came back and learned what happened, he wondered why Kazutaka did not just grab his money and go out to get food. However, Kazutaka said he would not take other people’s money without permission (great kid). For the next ten days, Kazutaka just lived idly in the house watching TV and waiting for Kudou to come home. He always wondered what "use" he had for Kudou but he soon found out 😛 (what else could such a CUTE and IRROPOI boy be of use to a handsome man in a BL novel I guess you can all imagine 😛 ). That lifestyle lasted for half a year and all along, Kazutaka pondered about the "woman" who gave Kudou the "flower-pattern umbrella", and the "woman" who would occupy Kudou in the nights when he came home late. At the same time, he was also enduring all the "nocturnal activities" without ONCE complaining it was painful. Half a year later, accidentally, he saw Kudou hitting another man in the car park and from eavesdropping their conversation, he soon found out Kudou was a yakuza (he searched the internet for news clippings about Kudou, smart boy) – the kind of people he hated the most because of his stepmother. The fear and hatred towards Yukaza caused Kazutaka to run away from Kudou. During his second escape, he met Miyahara at the station who was troubled because he did not have money to go home. Already gave up on his own life, Kazutaka gave Miyahara the 10,000 yen he got from Kudou before he escaped. Miyahara said he would definitely return the money but Kazutaka thought it was a joke as they did not even know each other. Yet, a few days later, Miyahara really came to return the money and also offered Kazutaka a place to say. Turned out he was the owner of a very elite and secret club – BLUE MOON (abbreviated as BM throughout the novel) where only very special people could apply for membership. You cannot be a member if you drive a car to the club (you must have a driver). Seven years later, Kazutaka became the manager of BM and that’s also the place where he would meet the VIP of his destiny. The reunion seven years later was the last thing Kazutaka wanted, mainly because by then, he already had a job, an apartment, and he even picked up a young boy by the name Satoshi. His life was divided between looking after Satoshi (who ran away from home owing to terrible child abuse) and Yurika, a woman who flirted with men secretly at BM and landed eyes on him. However, seven years could not erase his memories of Kudou and they kept haunting him time and again. When they actually met each other, Kudou did not seem to change. He was still the yakuza, he was still a sullen and calm man, and he still looked at Kazutaka with the same expressions as he did seven years ago. Then Miyahara told Kazutaka that owing to recent disturbances from some new yakuza, he asked his acquaintance Kudou to protect BM. Of course Kazutaka was against the decision but he was cornered because as a manager, he could not fight off the yakuza. The new yakuza did not like Kazutaka or the way BM treated them. So, they abducted Kazutaka and Satoshi and tried to rape Kazutaka using Satoshi as hostage. Of course, Kudou came to save the day thanks to Satoshi’s quick reaction. After that, Kudou brought Kazutaka to a yakuza confrontation where he forced the new yakuza to dispel the person who orchestrated the kidnapping and caused all the nuiasances at BM. When Shimada, the troublemaker expelled, he lost his calm and tried to attack Kudou and Kazutaka. Kudou protected Kazutaka as he promised earlier and got wounded. Kazutaka was very upset and wanted to stay by Kudou’ side to tender his wounds but when Kudou asked how he would weigh him and Satoshi, Kazutaka hesitated. He was no longer clear of his own emotions so he conducted an experiment. The first time when he ran away from Kudou, the latter did not go after him however, Kudou said if he ran again, even if it meant exhausting his yakuza’s power, he would find Kazutaka. So, Kazutaka ran away a second time but Kudou found him within 36 hours. Since Kazutaka planned to vanish for a week, he spent the rest of the time being confined in bed by Kudou 🙄 By this time, the answer floated in Kazutaka’s mind and he finally understood his own emotions but that was not the end, it was only the beginning, especially when Satoshi planned to study law and destroy yakuza so he could get back his Kazutaka princess from Kudou 😀






I wrote this review before I listened to the drama CD. Consequently, it’s purely based on the impression I got from words, not from sounds. This might be a little different if you only heard the drama CD (and as Aida sensei said, it’s best to separate the two) because personally, I agree with some fans that this is a novel which is really hard to act. The emotions are merely too strong, too scary, and too melancholic to be portrayed by human voice. I try to read while imagining the voice of the cast but frankly, I just can’t. I can easily manage with the Seikanji series by Izumi sensei but not this series. Another thing is "ease to read". If you know Chinese, I think this is fairly easy to medium because there’s a lot of kanji in it. However, if kanji is where you’re struggling, I would say this is moderately difficult.

「ã??ã?†ã? 。飼ã?„主ã?¯ã?“ã?®ä¿ºã? 。餌ã?ªã‚‰ã?¡ã‚ƒã‚“ã?¨ã??ã‚Œã?¦ã‚„る。・・・・・・俺ã?®ã‚‚ã?®ã?«ã?ªã?£ã?Ÿã?ªã‚‰ã€?好ã??ã?ªã? ã?‘抱ã?‹ã?›ã?¦ã‚„るよ。ã€?

Shiba Masaki, was the symbol of hope for his brother-in-law Shinozuka Hideyuki because he graduated from both Tokyo University and the police academy with excellent grades and passed the difficult civil servant examination with flying colors. However, all changed when a bullet accidentally hit his sister’s Shinozuka Yukari’s head and instantly killed her as well as the baby in her womb. Naturally, as a high ranking police officer, Shinozuka ordered a large scale investigation to find the murderer of his wife but the operation was unsuccessful as it involved the yakuza and organized criminals. There was nothing Shinozuka could do but to give up. However, Shiba did not agree with Shinozuka and insisted to continue the investigation into his sister’s death, even if that meant giving up a promising career in the police force and working at the front line as a low ranking officer with a low salary, a high degree of risk, and an enormous amount of jealous glances from his colleagues. Six years elapsed and Shiba is now working in the fifth division of the police department that is in charge of drugs and gun related violence. His job is to gather information so that police can make arrests before guns are smuggled in and out of the country. In order to do this, he needs insiders to provide him with information and such insiders, who walk in the dangerous zone between the black (criminals) and white (police) are known as エス (S for Spy. I’ll abbreviate it as esu in the rest of this review). For two years, Shiba had the fortune to have one of the best esu – Andou. On the surface, Andou was merely the owner of some clubs (prostitution) and toy stores (toy guns) and other similar businesses. Beneath, he is actually a rather high ranking officer in one of the Japanese yakuza. Andou has been supplying Shiba with pretty accurate information, leading to successes in many arrests and in return, Shiba alerted him of large scale police clearance so he could get his "foreign girls" out before the police came to sweep the places. It seemed a fair trade but there was just a sign that Andou valued the relationship more than a business partnership. Of course, Shiba did not treat the situation in the same way. It all went well until one night, Shiba got a call from a mysterious man, warning him to be careful of Andou. Shiba found the call suspicious but he also raised his alert. Then, while dining with Andou one evening, he had a chance to meet the owner of the voice. Munechika Keigo, was the brother of the leader of the yakuza that Andou belonged to and the true "mastermind" behind the organization as the real owner was still young, selfish, and inexperienced. Shiba wanted to know more about why Munechika alerted him but he did not have a chance as Andou was already murdered. Shocked and filled with regret for failing to protect his own esu, Shiba was desperate to do the one last thing he could do at this time – to find out who killed Andou and the only hint he had was Munechika. He approached Munechika to obtain information behind Andou‘s death. Muenchika told him he would provide the information on condition Shiba would offer "himself" in return. Munechika was interested in Shiba because he thought Shiba was Andou‘s lover and he certainly would like to taste the person who could break Andou‘s heart of steel. However, when he knew the bond between Andou and Shiba was not that "kind of relationship", he lost interest and asked Shiba to leave. Of course, being so close to the truth, Shiba would not give up. He insisted Munechika to keep his promise, which the latter did but on one condition. Shiba must masturbate in front of him and reach orgasm within 10 minutes!! This is not only a humiliating condition, it is almost impossible, especially for Shiba as he is not even experienced in sex. Nevertheless, the strong wish to know the truth forced Shiba to accept the condition and he managed to satisfy the condition. He learned the identity of the killer and successfully made the arrest. However, a second problem occurred. Since Andou‘s death, Shiba desperately needed a new informant and Munechika appeared to be an ideal candidate as he was in a good position to obtain information. However, Shiba did not want to use such a hentai as esu but he was ordered by his boss to do so as that would save time finding a replacement to Andou. Shiba tried to approach Munechika but it was hard because the latter was arrogant and humiliating, not to mention Shiba himself was a man with a high level of pride. While struggling with getting a new esu, Shiba faced another problem. Using the information that Andou provided before his death, Shiba wanted to arrest a Chinese mafia – Lin but his proposal was banned by his boss because Lin seemed to work as a spy for the Japanese government as well and in a way, even though he was dealing
weapons between China and Japan (and raping young boys), the police just kept their eyes wide shut.
Shiba was pissed and he was ready to go and do something, even if that meant more danger from himself. Munechika also told him to stop but hard headed as he was, he just went straight ahead and ended up being "toyed sexually" by Lin. Fortunately, Munechika came in time to rescue him and in the end Munechika agreed to Shiba ‘s proposal earlier:

"I’ll (Shiba ) be the master and I’ll properly provide the bait. So, please be mine and you can hold me whenever you feel like it" (this is a rough translation of the quote above).