Since I read quite a lot of manga, I can’t possibly review all of them in full length. So, for some of the manga I read, I keep short reviews and I compile all of these reviews in this “manga dump”. The list is quite long so it may take a while to load. Reviews are arranged in alphabetical order. Please use CTRL+F in case you are looking for a specific title. Titles in red are those I already read while those in blue are on my to-read list.

1999 nen 7 no tsuki Shanghai by Mizushiro Setona

There is a manga version of the very touching tale which is based on the West Side Story format but with a rather touching ending. Surprisingly, gang fights are not popular in BL.

2/14 Jiken by Honami Yukine / Natsuki Saari

69 by Shimada Masako

This manga is extremely confusing. It bega with Atsushi whose dad left home to open a noodle bar and all his siblings were busy. His mom was also depressed and so he was left to learn talking with cats and dogs. When he entered kindergarten, he noticed a kid and when he went to find the kid at his house, he found the kid actually had a twin brother. The story then jumps suddenly to present day and when I thought the black-haired guy with glasses was the grown-up Atsushi but I was totally wrong. Atsushi actually became Satou A or B and Satou A & B were not twins. Instead, the real twin brother became much bigger and didn’t look like twins anymore. There is no SMEX in this volume but there’s a volume 2 that’s not yet released.

9th Sleep by Tateno Makoto

A Bird in Dream by Naono Bohra

A Boy’s Hell by Nekota Riko

A relation is still level one by Mizushima Kazuhiko

Teacher x student. The teacher is seme looking but is really uke while the student is quite evil and cunning. This is typical of Mizushima sensei, who likes nenka seme (where seme is younger than uke).

A Sex therapist by Kodama Kazuka

H version of Count D in Petshop of Horror? Anyway it’s the use of illusions to help clients to solve sexual troubles. I’m stunned by the improvement in her artwork since the old Kizuna days.

A toy with sadness by CJ Michalski

The setting is quite nice, the artwork is nice but there is not enough development between the seme and uke… typical I love him and that’s why I treat him harsh kinda thing.

Abiru Junjou by Ouji Yuzuha

My impression of Ouji Yuzuha remained in Brothers, which I didn’t really like (storywise), and I had a feeling she’s the type who draw for the sake of H. However, this manga certainly altered my view of her. As usual, owing to the limitations of the manga format, the story could not be developed further. However, the background of the uke Ougura Yuka is certainly very interesting. His mother had an affair and gave birth to him but she could not sacrifice her current family for his sake. Thus, she threw Yuka to her mother. Grdually, Yuka fell in love with his teacher, Gotou Hikari (seme) who’s also a prince in the Kabucho ^^;; The level of H is rather low in Ouji standard and the story is bittersweet. It’s a pleasant surprise.

Acid Flower by Yoshimi Amasaki

Ai no Kotodama by Konno Keiko

Aiji incubus by Shinba Rize

Shiba is one of my favorite mangaka and this Aijin Incubus is also very cute, especially the Incubus. Contains monster sex so if you don’t like watching the uke doing it with a sex monster, stay away from this manga. Interestingly, I don’t feel it’s very H despite the title (laughs).

Aisareru hito e tsugu ~Believe in your love~ by Takaaki Kusaka

Cat-like uke and art student who casually sleeps with man for money. Met seme (who trims pet’s fur) and learns the taste of love. Story so-so but I love the mood and the artwork.

Aisaretaino by Yamakami Riyu

Izaki (uke) is an ordinary salaryman but he had a classmate in high school who’s a genius in whatever he did – Hakamada (seme). They met again in high school and now, Hakamada has become a best-seller author. At the reunion, Izaki got drunk and when he woke up, he found himself in bed with Hakamada! This is a very interesting story because Izaki has an inferiority complex as he could not be on the same level as Hakamada. On the other hand, Hakamada tried very hard to make Izaki love him but he just lacked the skill to make Izaki understand his feelings. I like this story very much ^0^.

Aisubeki Dokusaisha by Hajime Taki

School comedy. Student body president x student; Student photographer x student. Her artwork is cute but her story is thin and I have a feeling it’s just ero-ero… megane photographer’s son MOE ^_^;;

Akoya by Kitasato Senjyu

Akuma no sasayaki by Takanaga Hinako

Monster x Priest. Quite interesting but definitely not Takanaga sensei at her best.

Alcohol, shirt, and kiss by Kuwabara Yuuko

Calculative Seme Cop x Tennen Uke Cop. I loved the beginning when the seme was trying to trick the uke who got dumped by his girlfriend into thinking they slept together under the influence of alcohol when really nothing happened. However, the cases are ridiculous and the story’s too. There’s a drama CD featuring Ohkawa and NojiKen and boy NojiKen’s CUTEEEE!! Recommend the CD more than the manga.

Amai Nukumori by Touyama Mako

Amaiyo Maiyo by Honjyo Rie

I’ve become Honjyo’s fan after Chemistry Lab series but even though I’m a fan, I don’t like short stories, especially the first one which is basically just H…so dropped the book after the first story. Her best short story (or the one I loved the best) is collected in Chemistry Lab vol. 1 – uncle & nephew.

Amasakaru by Azumi Moka

Anata dake no Karada by Kabutomaru Chouko

Anata no Tonari ni Suwarasete by Hazukawa Ai

Anata wa Boku Dake no Hana by Yamakami Riyu

Anbalance Lover ~ by Yoshihara Yuuka

Ano kado wo magatta tokoro by Kawai Touko

Read this on Be x Boy (not yet in Tankouban format). Student x Teacher and scandal. I like the seductive megane uke and Kawai sensei’s artwork definitely has become stunning. However, I wish she would go back to her angsty manga as in CUT. Her recent stuff is a bit … I dunno…not angsty enough. The end could be more dramatic and tragic I think.

Apron de Choushoku wo

The idea of an elite salaryman falling down and turning into a “male housewife” is not novel, but the fact that he meets an expert in doing household chores is quite fascinating. The seme is a bit stupid though.

Aquadom by Mamahara Erie

Aruhi sorakara totsuzen ni by Kurekoshi Sakuya

Shounen meets magical seme whom he can only see after being struck by a thunder. The artwork is nice but the story is a bit lame.

Asayake No Diamond Life by Nishimura Shuuko

Ashita wa Joutenki by Yamakami Riyu

Barairo Mitsubachi (Rose Honey Bee) by Fujikawa Ruri

Typical Daddy Long Legs story with Aoi (uke) losing his parents at a relatively young age. He was then sponsored to go to school by a very rich guy (his daddy long legs) who was really the head of the Tachibana group. Tachibana promised Aoi that when he would be 16, he would come to marry him. When Aoi turned 16, he found himself falling in love with an English teacher (who turned out to be Tachibana). There was a cosplay (Aoi in bride’s dress) and the two then got together. However, there were other problems because Tachibana often treated Aoi as a child and Aoi wanted to grow up and be equal to Tachibana soon. I’m not too interested in the main story because Aoi is a bit too kiddy uke for me. I’m more interested in the story of the other couple Imai (seme) and Wakana (uke) called “Binetsu”. Wakana is Tachibana’s secretary and he’s been in love with Tachibana for a while but he never confessed. One day, he saw Tachibana kissing Aoi and he was depressed. That night he was drinking by himself and slept with the ultra playboy + school doctor Imai. Imai seemed to have fallen in love with Wakana, or more precisely the strong passion Wakana demonstrated to Tachibana but of course Wakana could not trust the playboy Imai at first. Later on though with strong will, Imai finally managed to secure the heart of Wakana. I like the joke about buying a cell phone in place of the ring. It’s almost as if Imai is the wife (though he’s the seme 😀 ). Also, I adore Wakana’s appearance and erogei <- in the end … it’s ERO 🙄

Barbarian in Tokyo (Tokyo Yabanjin) by Sakuragawa Sonoko

This is similar to Okane ga nai (No Money) where but this time the uke is a policeman but he’s quite uselss and got himself kidnapped quite easily ^^;; and has to be rescued by the seme. Pretty brainless story and totally lacks originality.

Bashing Renai by Abe Miyuki

Beans Camp by Yorita Saemi

Beast of the Tower by Kusumoto Hiroki

This manga has been scanlated by Doki Doki and so it should be quite easy to understand the story. Lukka is a very poor boy who was beggin for food one day when he was thrown out of the restaurant and nearly got hit by a carriage. The owner of the carriage, a nobleman called Edgar saved him and asked if Lukka would like to keep him company. Edgar brought Lukka back to his castle and when Lukka said he wanted to do something in return for Edgar, the latter wondered if he could feed a wild beast in the tower for three days every month when he would be away. Lukka said okay and started feeding the beast. He admired the beast’s beauty and one night, unlocked the cage. The wild beast went wild and caused a stir in the village. Lukka then found out the beast was really his Edgar and the couple was forced to leave the village. On their journey, they came across another beastman from a circus… the man was really Edgar’s father and he said he knew a way how to control the beast in him…

I like fantasy and this one is more like shounen-ai because there’s no H in the manga. At first, I thought Edgar would be the wild seme but he turns out to be a HETARE WANKO \@o@/ … that was beyond my expectations as he looked pretty COOL on the cover ^___^… What I like about this manga is the surprising TWIST with regard to Edgar’s father. Below are some spoilers, please highlight to read.

*** SPOILER ***

When I first saw the other beastman being WHIPPED in the circus, I thought he must be enslaved by the people at the circus ;__; and Edgar and Lukka must be there to rescue him and then a triangular romance follows…who would have guessed the beastman turned out to be Edgar’s father and was actually the owner of the circus!!! On top of that, to control the beast inside was to hold onto human emotions even when in beast form and his father managed that through watching the reactions of his audience… interesting.

Beef Jam by Hibakichi

WARNING: ESTREME VIOLENCE! Read this when I’m purely reading for H and though I have a huge stomach for smex, basically there’s no smut I can’t swallow, I still find this manga disturbing, especially when the beast attacks and kills the human. If you like violence, then go ahead.

Beware of the Rival (Ribar ni kyousukerou) by Yamakami Riyu

Beyond the Tips of these Fingers (Kono yubisaki no mukou) by Mube Ryouko

B-Grade by Ima Ichiko

In my mind Ima sensei is more of the mysterious form of writer (because I have only read her ghost story) and I’m a bit shocked to find she’s capable of writing such cute salaryman story. However, I don’t like the setup … like missed the chance to confesss ages ago and then meet again and quickly fall in love. Her artwork is fantastic as usual though.

Bijo to chinjuu by Shimada Hisami

The story revolves a couple who are both vets. Kazuki and Shuu have been together for over 10 years and they have been sharing the vet clinic. One day, Kazuki picked up a black cat, which is a symbol of bad luck and the couple fought over keeping the cat for the first time in years, which threatened their relationship. Aside from the main storyline, I recommend the side story as well, especially about the salaryman and a pretty icy and emotionless vet but who’s really kind beneath.

Binan no Dendoh by Shinba Rize

Binetsu Onsen

I don’t like the artwork and the story .. there’s not much of a story. Just a guy who likes a beautiful colleague and when they’re at the onsen, he can’t resist and has smex with him. I can’t call that rape because the uke seems happy and enjoys it but I can’t feel love anywhere.

Binetsu Seinen ~Oboreteshimae! by Enomoto Tsubaki

I thought this one was about historical romance (from the cover) but it was completely about salaryman, that shocked me a bit. Practically, the uke is one of those MASEI (魔性å?—ã?‘) who snatches his seme by all means. In short, he’s those FAMILY BREAKERS ^_^;; and though I like the uke a bit, I don’t buy the LOVE he has for his seme and so no good for me.

Binetsu shuukan by Aoi Kujou

Birthday by Sugimoto Ami

A HUGE surprise and HIT for me though I probably will not read it again. Koyama’s parents got divorced and did not have much time to spend with him. His little sister was also killed in a car accident. A bit depressed, he attempted suicide by falling off the villa but he was rescued. During his stay at the hospital, he met the only boy his age in the hospital – Makoto. At first, their meeting was not pleasant but as they knew each other for a longer time, they became very good friends. Makoto had very loving parents but he envied Koyama because Koyama had good friends. Parents were there for you because they gave you birth but friends were there for you because they chose to be. After quitting the hospital, Koyama worked very very hard because he wanted to become a doctor so he could cure diseases. He had seen people dying at the hopital and he wanted to try his best to help. He gradually earned a scholarship to go to medical school and became a doctor. Before that though, he would have to part with Makoto, who passed away with liver disease. I find this manga extremely touching even though there is no H at all. The last confession, when Koyama stopped short in the middle and Makoto said: “Say you love me”, it really sank my heart because it’s quite obvious those were the words Makoto would like to bring to heaven. This is a very melancholic manga but definitely worth reading at least once in your life.

Bisexual by Masaki Souko

Bishounen by Onosaka Karori & Dan Oniroku

This manga is EXTREMELY depressing and I don’t recommend it if you’re thinking of a relaxing evening. The whoe story is a big flashback of a man and his friends who sexually abused a bishounen years earlier that ultimately led to the bishounen committing suicide. What I like about this manga is the monologues from the narrator that guide the readers through the story. Onosaka’s artwork also fits the mood of the story very well, creating this angsty and desperate atmosphere.

Body Talk by Inomoto Rikako

I don’t read one-shots but based on the reviews at JP Queen, it seems this one is REALLY GROSS…waste fetish !? Got me interested there as I love GROSS SMEX… having said that though, I also got shocked by the last scene ^_^;; Having said that though, I sometimes wonder about the details of SMEX… obviously those rape scenes are “fantasies” because in real life, if you do that, you can end up with really GROSS END like in this manga … hmmm…

Boku no Mune ga Itakutemo by Nomo Marino

Boku no Sensei wa Fever with Motoman by Motoni Madoru

Boku wa Tenshi janai yo by Onozuka Kaori

Bokunidatte Iibun ga Aru by Yamada Yugi

Bokura wa setsunaku koi wo suru by Sugimoto Farina

I didn’t realize this was a collection of short stories and read it accidentally. I gave this a pretty low rating not because the story’s THAT terrible or the artwork sux. In fact, both are normal (usually I would give a 2-3 stars). HOWEVER, this manga tricked me with the title. SETSUNAKU KOI … how on earth is H in a hair salon setsunai??? Excuse me??? I find the stories just normal and since I feel cheated in a way, I gave it only 1 star (pissed).

Bokura wo shihaisuru kotoba by Fuwa ShinriBokura wo Shihaisuru Kotoba by Fuwa Shinri

What I like about this manga is the wonderful storytelling that guide the readers through the psychological development of Tatsuki and Sora. What I dislike about this manga is that the plot is too simple and the uke is too girlish psychologically. Also, the taboo of incest is emphasized too strongly here, especially when they’re not even related by blood!!

Bokutachi wa asu ni mukatte ikru noda by Zaoh Taishi

Certainly a very interesting story from Zaoh sensei. One day, the seme discovered his mom used to have special power that would make the other person like him. All of a sudden, he became famous on campus and the masscom was after him. He decided to use this power to make the guy he liked for a long time fall in love with him. He did not confess directly because he was afraid the person would consider him homo and would reject him. However, it turned out in the end that the power wasn’t what helped him to win over his uke, but it’s the power of his own love. I read it ages ago and could not remember the details but I certainly remember it being one of Zaoh’s better works.

Bondz by Kawai Touko

A couple who engages in sex with piercing. Actually they have girlfriends but as they engage in sex, the two start to form a strong bond with each other that is beyond friendship, a bond that will persist through time. In the end, when they grow up to become salarymen and adults, the only reminder of that bonding is a pierce. The storytelling is very nice here and I do like this story but not as much as CUT. Kawai Touko after all is a writer about PAIN.

Boys Life by Koujima Naduki

I only read the first story about two childhood friends who grew up under the same roof because their parents got married. The marriage is not a problem but the awakening to homosexuality is… especially when the opponent is your “brother”.

Brandoll by Takagi Ryou

Breakfast Club by Takeido Akemi

The school has a special systems where they have a breakfast club (a part of the student body) that acts like a mini court. If students cause trouble, they will be tried before the breakfast club and sentenced. This story revolves mainly around two couples. The first couple is hetare wanko x megane uke and the second is genki seme x kawaii uke. I don’t like this story because it’s so loose I don’t get the point of the story. It all rotates around life in the dormitory and youth I suppose but it’s certainly not my cup of tea.

Breath by Ochi Chifumi Breath by Ochi Chifumi

Actually, this story started out quite plain, with the uke getting drunk and got himself caught up with a one night stand partner. The uke works at a pharmaceutical company and the seme is a rich university student whose parents are never around and who started sleeping with guys at a pretty young age. The uke also has a twin brother and rather than the main story (in the first four volumes), I am completely attracted by the last volume where the younger twin just wouldn’t let go his twin brother because he’s so possessive. He ended up hurting his own brother but then while he was at the hospital, he was picked up (laughs) by a doctor and eventually started on a path of true love (though there’s too little on the younger twin whom I’m more interested). This is a pretty angsty series over all but with the right balance.

Brilliant Blue by Saemi Yorita

Kyoudai Gentei by Kisaragi Hirotaka

Love between non-blood related brothers. I read the manga because I was interested in the drama CD (with Midorikawa x Toriumi). Cool beauty seme x genki uke. I like incestrous themes and I certainly like cool beauty seme but this story lacks the depth that gives me the BAM plus the artwork isn’t my cup of tea either.

Buchou to Takeda-kun By Skurai Shushushu

Tsuki to ookami otoko

Again, this is an anthology I read when hunting for new mangaka and there are six short stories collected in this volume. I will only go through the title story because it’s my favorite. Satori Keiichi and Keiji are twins but their personalities differ like sun and moon. Keiichi is gentle and cheerful while Keiji is quiet and distant. In the first short story, Keiichi’s lowerclassman Taiga confessed to him and said he wanted to join the Aikidou club because he likes Keiichi. When he’s in the club though he was forced to practice with Mori buchou and could only watch the other “wolves” surrounding his beloved Keiichi ;__;. After the two dated for a while, Keiichi gave Taiga a very special present on his birthday, his own virg**ity ^0^ (stupid story) … *ahem*. This is necessary to introduce though because it’s related to the title story – Tsuki to ookami otoko. While Keiichi is in a rabu-rabu relationship with Taiga, his twin brother Keiji also got a confession from his classmate at college Mochitsuki. The two got in bed right after but Keiji actually was in love with his own twin. This Mochizuki soon found out and so during smex, he would talk about Keiichi and Keiji would up the power *whew hyou*.

Mochizuki is a very nice person and always claims love is liberal and understands that the moon Keiji needs his sun Keiichi. However, Keiji wonders what happens if his sun is no longer there for him, will Mochizuki continue to love him? One night when he returned home earlier than planned, he saw his brother and Taiga $&#* in the bathroom! He then went and told Mochizuki that his sun was no longer there and asked if Mochizuki would love him still. Before waiting for an answer though, he jumped into action \*v*/ and Mochizuki was so touched by Keiji’s confession of love that he turned into a wolfman (Wolverine XD)…. and went like 6+ times >v< in bed.

Utsukushi Kemonodachi by Fujisaki Kou

I recommend reading “from room 701 “, also by the same author because the stories are interrelated though the couples are different. Pretty much this is mature servant x young rich boy setting and I don’t like this couple because I can’t stand genki boyish uke. The art is quite pretty though.


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