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Author: Aida Saki
Illustrator: Takashina You
Format: Novel, Blcd

This is the book I like THE BEST among all the Boy’s love books I have read (manga and novels) so I intend to write a VERY DETAILED review of the story. If you plan to read the novel, I don’t recommend reading my summary/review as that will inevitably spoil the fun. Deadlock is definitely a deviant from the genre of boy’s love because unlike usual boy’s love that mimic a heterosexual relationship, this one is more down to earth a description of the love between a man and another man and that’s the part that I like THE BEST.

Since all the names are in katakana, I just use the nearest English name because it’s strange to write up an English review with katakana . If you find problems with the names, please inform me. This story is totally fiction and so don’t imagine the prison in the States is like this. It is certainly NOT!

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