Nipponia Nippon



This story takes place in an alternative universe where the Japanese population has declined such that Japanese people are becoming scarce. Consequently, they are constantly being pursued by people will ill intensions. It is in this situation where Gram (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) (the third son from a noble family in England) came across the Japanese 16-year old Sakura (CV: Fukuyama Jun). Looking at the poor Sakura who was captured and auctioned, Gram bought him and even proposed to him despite the warnings from Sui (CV: Miyata Kouki).  Of course, Gram is interested in Sakura but the real purpose behind the proposal is that the fake wedding enables Gram to protect Sakura from other people who attempt to hunt down the Japanese. In order to live a new life with Gram, Sakura learned English and he tried to say "darling" ^_^;; … (kawaii!). At the same time, Gram’s brother Hilbert (CV: Koyasu Takehito) arrived quite suddenly. When he saw Sakura, he kissed him and also alerted him of the fact that his younger brother Gram is a pervert (which IMO is not true as he didn’t lay his finger on Sakura during the course of the drama despite he was saying Sakura was cute cute cute vv.) The relationship between Gram and Sakura was supposed to be a secret but Sakura accidentally revealed it. Then, Sakura learned that Gram was supposed to marry a girl but now it’s Hilbert who will marry because of the relationship between himself and Gram. However, Sakura also knew that Hilbert was in love with Sui. As a result, he thought it would be best to leave but of course (self-sacrifice vv) but naturally, without the protection from Gram, he was captured and in the pinch, Gram came to rescue and we have a happy end.

This drama CD is based on the first volume of the manga and sadly, it is also the only volume which was dramatized. I really wanted to hear the story of Hilbert x Sui as well but I guess there is no hope vv. The story itself is quite interesting – rather than the plot, I think it’s the universe where this story is set that is interesting. As for the acting:

Sakura: As usual, FukuJun is completely in his otome mode vv, not that I complain but I actually prefer his slightly manly role or his little devil type of voice. Consequently, his otome mode is a bit …vv …. you should all listen to that "darling"… gives me creeps. A year ago when I wrote this review, I thought his voice was "sweet and tender, like a piece of chocolate". However, now that I have heard much better performances from FukuJun elsewhere, I start to reassess my opinion. I think he’s better like Albert in Gankutsuou.Â

Gram: It’s Kazuki I’m hearing !!! Sakurai sama, I really like his sexy seme voice though here is not as sexy as in Gakuen Heaven but still great! This deeper voice is a plus because Gram shouldn’t be too deep but a light hearted young man. His jealousy against his brother when Sakura wouldn’t tell him the secret was really great.Â

Sui: Gosh, is this a Saint Beast reunion? Rei is here!! He is also worrying as usual like the mother (explodes). Regardless of the manga or this CD, Sui is completely a woman except for the lack of breasts I guess ^^;; He sounds basically like Rei but I really like the scene where he chased after Hilbert, wanting to express his feelings but couldn’t (so ended up thanking him for the tea instead).  I really want to hear their story as well!

Hilbert: Kira x Rei !? No, Sugitan’s Hilbert is really gentleman in a way though the way he laughs … "ha ha ha" x_x… quoting Yuuri from Kyou Kara Maou (how old are you !?). Anyway, although years younger in real life, Sugitan really sounds like an older brother … ;_;.


This is a very interesting CD with a very interesting setting even though the actual plot is a bit weak. It is also recommended for learners of Japanese like myself because the words and concepts are pretty simple to understand. My complaint is the lack of development in the Hilbert x Sui storyline. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment of this drama if it’s available though chances are pretty low!


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